The agile manager – managing in a remote and flexible working environment

A unique ‘flexinar’ programme

‘Agile working’ describes a world of work without fixed times and places to work from; freed up by a combination of smart technology, digital working practice, life/work balance and wellbeing approaches; and responsive to external demands from stakeholders such as customers and Government.

This virtual classroom aims to help you embed and manage effective flexible and remote working in the different forms it now takes as we move into the post-Covid world of work. Explore the challenges of managing performance to outcomes. Learn how to build trust and manage engagement and communication. Assess how well you model an agile style and help with challenges such as workload management and remote presenteeism.

Learning objectives

  • Understand flexible and remote ways of working and the new ways to manage team members this needs
  • Understand the challenges this presents and how to overcome them
  • Leverage different communication methods and approaches available
  • Understand how to manage performance to outcomes
  • Be able to shift mind-sets through modelling and implementing agile management approaches
  • Learn how to model the agile style


A uniquely flexible virtual classroom session. Design your own programme: focus on ‘how to’ topics, on tools and models, or best practice techniques and new ideas. Or pick ’n’ mix as you prefer. Choose one numbered topic for a 45-minute session, two for 60 minutes, three for 90 minutes. If you want more topics, give us a call and we’ll discuss the best way of structuring the session for you.

The ‘Introduction’ and ‘Action planning’ sessions come as standard, to help participants identify what they need to do differently to improve their personal effectiveness.

‘Flexinar’ menu – choose any three of the ten numbered items to create your ideal programme.
(The ‘Introduction’ and ‘Action planning’ sessions come as standard, whatever the session length.)


  • Thinking about our personal challenges
  • Learning objectives

‘How to’ topics

1   Manage performance to outcomes
2   Remote empowerment and delegation

Tools and models

3   ROWE (Hint: this model goes together with item 1: ‘Manage performance to outcomes’)
4   The ‘Three Dimensions of Trust’ model
5   Have you got the agile style? (self-assessment questionnaire and plan)
6   The four dimensions of remote and flexible working (time, location, communication, workload)

Best practice techniques, tips and new ideas

7   Building trust and delivering the benefits
8   Red dot, green dot – the availability and the workload issues
9   Making habits stick – management by results and some agile rules
10 Communication in a virtual working environment

Action planning

  • Review
  • Personal action planning

To discuss which ‘flexinars’ would best suit you, just give us a call on 01582 463460 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options.