Presentation skills, TED-style

The ‘speechwriting’ option – one-to-one coaching for script-to-stage brilliance!

How often are you called upon to deliver a really important speech or presentation? At a product launch, perhaps, with key buyers and stakeholders present? Or at an industry conference, with the media reporting it? Or making a business-critical announcement to staff?

For events such as these, you really need to make sure your material ‘lands’. These can be career-defining moments. You need to get it right. You need to prepare.

This is where Susie comes in. Our specialist coach in this field, she’s worked with clients to create memorable speeches for everything from new product launches to conferences and TEDx Talks, delivered at a variety of locations, from the Royal Court Theatre for a few hundred to the O2 Arena for an audience of thousands.

In just three or four sessions, she can help you design a presentation that will help you stand out and make an impact, supporting you all the way from script to stage. The focus is on supporting you to craft your material in a way that keeps your audience’s attention, and on helping you deliver it in a way that sticks in their memory.

Coaching objectives

This process will help you:

  • Develop or re-write material and sound-bites designed to make your key message clear
  • Deliver this content in a way that engages your audience, understanding their needs and expectations
  • Create a compelling communication style, in a way that exudes authority, charisma and rapport
  • Refine complex content into clear, convincing narrative and memorable statements
  • Prepare for ‘curve ball’ questions and use proven techniques to deal with any hostile or provocative audience members
  • Deliver with a voice that has a powerful tone, pitch and pace
  • Use body language appropriately
  • Make an impact!

Your sessions with Susie will do more than help with a one-off speech. Working on your personal impact, your use of body language and your voice, she will help you permanently enhance your natural presence in an authentic way, so that you can command a stage and influence an audience with authority. She will help boost both your confidence and your ability to engage, motivate and inspire.

Who will benefit?

Susie’s work often starts with a member of the leadership team recognising that they need to build an authentic personal narrative and that they require an independent, confidential partner to help them do this.

A wide range of people have benefited from this approach with her, including CEOs and directors and, beyond the boardroom, senior executives, media spokespeople, athletes and TV personalities.


Each session is interactive and empowering, designed to get you performing at your full potential. How many sessions will that take? It varies, although we usually find that four 90-minute sessions are enough to make a huge difference. Have a word with Susie before you commit and she can help you decide how many sessions you want. Additional sessions and ‘top-ups’ are available as and when necessary, so there’s no need to over-commit to begin with.

Is this the right service for you?

  • If you’ve got a key presentation coming up, this should be just what you need.
  • If you’re looking for one-to-one support in this area but there’s no immediate time pressure, then take a look first at Susie’s other coaching proposition, here.
  • If you’ve got fellow directors with the same requirement and you’re happy to work as a group, then Susie’s very popular one-day workshop, ‘Presentation skills, TED-style’ would be the most cost-effective option.

Any questions? Not sure which option’s right for you? Just give us a call today on 01582 463460 so that we can talk through your requirements and come up with the best solution.