Presentation skills, TED-style

The ‘masterclass’

A two-day workshop structured around the iconic TEDx Talks, the gold standard for public speaking. Over the course of two days, develop a step-by-step method to engage and motivate. Master the art of storytelling, learn to paint strong visual imagery and understand how to get your audience behind your ideas, no matter how audacious or complex they seem.

This is a fun and challenging masterclass for those who need to shock, wow and captivate!

The programme is recommended for those who already have an advanced understanding of stage presence, but want to further improve their ability to inspire an audience. Participants will be expected to bring a ‘work in progress’ to work on.

Learning objectives

This masterclass will help you:

  • Develop and deliver a short TED-style presentation
  • Increase vocal impact and body language
  • Understand your personal style and how to use it
  • Show passion in your delivery as well as clear insight to your subject
  • Combat nerves, speak up and get your ideas heard
  • Learn how to express yourself by standing out and impacting your audience
  • Analyse the difference between communication that sticks, and information that gets forgotten
  • Get an audience to buy into your ideas, through a clear ‘call to action’

In a nutshell – this workshop will provide you with a toolbox to deliver compelling and influential messages to people you need to motivate and empower.


Managers, directors and team leaders at senior level have all benefited from this tried-and-tested programme.


This workshop is delivered as a two-day masterclass for a group of 6-8 people. Participants are expected to bring along a recent presentation to be assessed and redeveloped throughout day 2.


‘Trainer was fantastic!’


‘She is just amazing – one of the best I have seen.’

Great experience! I really liked the speaker. The course was supported by brilliant examples, and the subject was given in an interesting way.’

‘It’s a great opportunity to discover your style whilst supplying the process. How to live without PowerPoints!!’

‘Taught me how to structure a presentation how to use my nerves/overcome them and how to be me when delivering.’

As good as the TED presenters!

‘It’s going to change your whole perspective on how you should prepare and give presentations.’

Perfect grounding for anyone looking to take on public speaking.’

‘Gain some practical top tips for not being scared of public speaking.’

‘Excellent – so much to learn.’

‘It makes you realise that presentations don’t have to be as daunting – channel the nervous energy. It is challenging but totally worth it – has helped me overcome my fear.’

Great insight into talking like a TED presenter. De-mystifying and making it simple.’

If you’re going to do any form of presenting, then go on this course.

‘I loved the practical element of applying each section on our pairs and practising it. Thank you! Best full-day workshop I’ve ever been on.’

Excellent. Great presenter / orator who trained us as she went.’

‘Great exercises – sequential building of concepts. I leave as a better presenter, more equipped to do this better in the future.

‘Feedback on individual presentations very constructive.’

Faultless! Clear, concise delivery. A core subject which was simplified. An end to the PowerPoint presentation!’

Incredibly competent!’

‘Great. Super skills, credible, great knowledge.’

‘Very engaging, down to earth and inspiring.’

‘Trainer of the year.’

Before, I felt nervous and uncertain. Now, I feel confident and equipped. Thank you!’

‘I got bespoke feedback from you that actually applied to me and is based on where I need to grow.’

You have given me the tools and methodologies to achieve!’

Masterclass outline


1 What’s it all about?

  • Exercise: filming a short presentation
  • Introduction to the top public speakers
  • Understanding the needs of the listener
  • The currency of ideas
  • Outlining your intention

2 Finding the story in complex content

  • The authentic self
  • Analysing memorable messages
  • How do you add value to your content?
  • Exercise: The Six Principles of Sticky Ideas (Dan and Chip Heath)
  • How do you teach something new?

3 Deliver jaw-dropping moments

  • Systematic creativity
    • Deliver an emotionally charged experience
    • How to effectively use statistics and data
    • Tactics that get results
  • The ‘urban legends’ concept – what makes stories unforgettable? How elements of the unexpected takes content from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Exercises
    • The toolbox: hands, volume, pausing, eye contact, expression
    • Energy levels – what percentage are you at?
    • What type of communicator are you?

4 Combatting anxiety

  • How to answer difficult questions
  • Identifying challenging situations
  • Controlling nervous energy

5 Making it personal

  • Creating Impact
    • Lighten up!!
    • Analogies and metaphors
    • Keeping it simple
    • Pictures and props
  • Make an emotional investment
  • Exercise: Personal anecdotes and memories
  • The 6 steps to a TED Talk
    • Find the emotion
    • Is it novel?
    • Make it memorable


1 Review

  • Self-assessment and playback
  • Strengths and weaknesses: group evaluation

2 Analysing the body and voice

  • Discovering your natural voice
    • The toolbox: breathing, volume, pitch, pace, tone, pausing
    • Fighting tension: breathing exercises to combat stage fright
    • Resonance: giving your voice gravitas
  • Finding the voice of a leader: speaking with authority
  • Discovering your natural style

3 Key message assessment

  • Finding your core message: problem, situation, solution
  • Telling the story: the power of the unexpected and visual imagery that sticks
  • Making it personal: rewriting your content

4 Deliver to engage

  • Getting physical:
    • Analogies and metaphors
    • The key to charisma
    • Confidence skills and tricks
    • Injecting appropriate humour
  • Natural, off-the-cuff delivery
  • Exercise: The Energy Levels / Pantomime Play
  • Executing a perfect pitch
    • Strategic key messages
    • Closing with a call to action

5 Action planning

  • Exercise: identify specific actions to enhance your presentation style
  • Exercise: personal action planning
  • Final delivery and self-assessment

If you’ve got any requirements at all around presentation skills – whether that’s for an in-house training programme for a group of people, a bite-sized session, one-to-one coaching or a keynote conference presentation – then please just give us a call on 01582 463460 to talk it through.