Presentation skills, TED-style

The coaching option

As well as delivering training programmes on ‘Presentation skills, TED-style’ and other topics, Susie spends a significant amount of her time giving one-to-one coaching support to directors, senior managers and others keen to improve their presentation and public speaking skills.

The focus is on unlocking your full potential, working one-to-one to help you develop an understanding of your presentation style and the ability to enhance your natural presence in order to influence, persuade and converse. The sessions focus specifically on improving skills around concise, clear and deliberate communication, including active listening, increasing emotional awareness and decreasing performance anxiety (Susie is particularly good at helping people overcome severe stage fright).

Sessions are designed to empower, stimulate and relax, whilst maintaining an approach that can be challenging and transformational, in order to take you out of your comfort zone but within a safe environment. Working closely with Susie will encourage you, provide clarity, support your motivation and give you concise feedback to help get you performing at your full potential.

Coaching objectives

Susie’s sessions are tailored to the individual so, depending on the objectives you agree with her, your time with her will help you:

  • work out who you really are, what you stand for and whether this is reflected in your presentation style
  • personalise, humanise and energise your communication
  • become a better, more sincere and more inspirational leader
  • understand the needs of your audience
  • learn how best to deliver your material in order to make your message, your ‘story’, relevant
  • show empathy, rather than just feel it
  • master the mechanics, such as breathing, projecting and overcoming stage fright
  • deliver a dynamic and compelling performance, one that has undeniable engagement and that packs a punch

Who will benefit?

Susie’s work often starts with a member of the leadership team recognising that they need to build an authentic personal narrative and that they require an independent, confidential partner to help them do this.

A wide range of people have benefited from this approach with her, including CEOs and directors and, beyond the boardroom, senior executives, media spokespeople, athletes and TV personalities.


Six hours with Susie will make a huge difference.

The sessions can be structured flexibly, to suit your schedule (and Susie’s) and the circumstances (locked down or not). They can be delivered entirely virtually, although ideally they’re held face-to-face (eg, six one-hour sessions, three or four weeks apart), but if that’s not possible then the first session could be, say, three hours face-to-face at a location to suit you and the rest via Zoom, Skype or whatever. Or just have two face-to-face sessions separated by a month or so. It’s up to you.

If you have colleagues who would also benefit from one-to-one coaching with Susie, then a ‘clinic’ style would make sense. In a single day, at your office, three of you could each have an in-depth two-hour one-to-one session with her.

Susie’s based in central London but she works across the UK and internationally.

Give us a call and we can work out with you what would be the most time- and cost-effective solution.

Is this the right service for you?

  • If you’re looking for one-to-one support, this should be just what you need.
  • If you’ve got a key presentation coming up, take a look first at Susie’s other coaching proposition, ‘Speechwriting’.
  • If you’ve got colleagues with the same requirement and you’re happy to work as a group, then Susie’s very popular one-day workshop, ‘Presentation skills, TED-style’ would be the most cost-effective option.

Any questions? Not sure which option’s right for you? Just give us a call today on 01582 463460 so that we can talk through your requirements and come up with the best solution.