Presentation skills, TED-style

The ‘bespoke’ option – sample 1

Client brief

A ‘level one’ programme, introducing essential concepts and building confidence.


The focus of this session is to introduce the skills needed to deliver a clear and high impact message. In terms of personal development, it will guarantee a significant improvement in the communication and effectiveness of each attendee. This workshop focuses on looking at what’s required to put together a presentation that delivers concise and engaging content whilst instilling an unshakeable confidence to remain in control throughout.

Learning objectives

This workshop is designed to help attendees to:

  • Reconstruct dry content to become inspirational storytelling
  • Speak up in meetings and other high-pressure situations
  • Control stress and anxiety around communication
  • Demonstrate insight and credibility when presenting
  • Understand what your style of delivery is, and learn how to best utilise it
  • Deliver content that shows clear understanding of the needs of your audience
  • Set clear and measurable ongoing objectives to ensure you are consistently performing at your best


Level 1.


A one-day programme. Delivered virtually (preferably via Zoom) or face-to-face.

Maximum group size of 12 (8 recommended).


‘Trainer was fantastic!’

‘Great experience! I really liked the speaker. The course was supported by brilliant examples, and the subject was given in an interesting way.’

‘Do it!  Presenting is not as scary as you think. This course is phenomenal.’

‘Different, fresh, uplifting.’

Breath of fresh air.’

‘It’s more than just presentation skills, it’s a new way of thinking about work and life!’

‘Great tools for improving presentations and public speaking.’

Excellent – knowledgeable, engaging, memorable…’


Fantastic, really engaging.  Everything she mentioned she was doing and it was really interesting to see.  Used her voice amazingly and very engagingly.’

Superb, compelling, authentic.  Great knowledge, confidence, style and patience.’

‘Engaging, insightful, excellent at what she does.’

Pitched perfectly to the attendees.’

Brilliant!  Really engaging.  Clear and informative, a subject expert, conveys confidence.’

‘Trainer of the year.’

‘Someone I would love to listen to again.’

Programme outline

1 What’s it all about?

  • Exercise: Iconic public speakers
  • Understanding the needs of the listener
  • Shared experience: When does it go well?
  • Defining the skills needed to present

2 Putting together concise content

  • Content development: Start with ‘Why’
  • Finding the story in complex content
  • Exercise: Six steps to structure
  • Using tangible ideas to generate engagement

3 Vocal impact and dynamic demonstration

  • Body language and vocal impact
    • Increase your ability to read the room
    • Develop a confident and controlled delivery
  • Exercises:
    • ‘Just a Minute’
    • Feedback and assessment: How can you improve your style of delivery?

4 Combatting anxiety

  • Keep calm and carry on
  • Understanding and challenging your fear
  • Breathing exercises
  • Prepare, Practise, Perform
  • Speaking up and getting heard

5 Action planning

  • Exercise: Identify specific actions to enhance your presentation style
  • Exercise: Personal action planning

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