Management & Personal Effectiveness modules feedback

Our range of Management and Personal Effectiveness modules gets fantastic feedback:

Assertiveness feedback

‘Fantastic really good enjoyable day.’

‘You learn about your own behaviour and how you can adjust little things to become more assertive and get better outcome.’

‘Very enjoyable – learnt from it.’

‘An informative and thought-provoking session that made me think about the way I conduct myself.’

‘Enjoyed the training I felt everyone had the chance to be involved.’

‘The way Scott interacted with us all was great. Making sure everyone was involved in the meeting. Enthusiastic from start to finish.’

‘Lots of content and fun to take part in.’

‘Good way to learn more about ways to handle disagreeing effectively.’

‘Really useful.’

‘Very engaging and interesting.’

‘Very informative.’

‘Scott made the training enjoyable and relaxed but at the same time put all his knowledge across to us in an excellent way.’

‘Great communicator.’

‘Great energy and charisma. Very engaging. Easy to get along with. Very inclusive.’

Change management feedback

‘Clear delivery and practical content. Lots of take-aways.’

‘Excellent, helpful workshop which provided me with a good understanding of the processes of change management.’

‘Great balance of psychology behind resistance to change and how to acknowledge it and move forward.’

‘Great way of breaking down barriers to change and lots of techniques that can be taken into the workplace and used straight away.’

‘If you are thinking about making a change this course will give you the tools to facilitate it.’

‘It gave me good strategies to use to help with change.’

Coaching skills for line managers feedback

‘Brilliant, lots of information and great help.’

‘It makes you think!’

‘Loved the course.’

‘Motivating and gives ideas.’

‘Very informative and great fun.’

‘Go on it!’

‘Really knowledgeable, helpful and supportive trainer.’

‘Nice guy. Great tone and knew his stuff.’


Communication skills feedback

‘Learnt a lot about personality types (about my own and how to identity and approach others).’

‘The course provides a good base of knowledge on communication skills that you can jump-start from.’

‘A great opportunity to discover your own communication style and learn how to best communicate with people who have other styles.’

‘A good interactive course that makes you think about your communication style.’

‘Interesting course with some practical suggestions to improve communication skills.’

‘A great insight into improving your communication skills.’

‘Great – excellent interactive style and activities which demonstrated accurately the problems of communication. Great videos as well. Very inclusive of all members of the group and encouraged interaction.’

‘Engaging, fun and informative.’

Creativity and innovation feedback

‘A good chance to stop and think about creativity and innovation with useful and applicable tips.’

‘A good opportunity to refresh yourself on some well-known creative ways of working but more importantly learn lots of new ones too.’

‘Creative models and a variety of ideas provided and discussed.’

‘Great course for generating and implementing, creative and practical ideas.’

‘Great ideas for ways to create creative-thinking.’

‘Helps a team at the start of the creative process.’

‘Promotes creative thinking and how to apply within your context.’

Dealing with change feedback

‘Definitely digs deep and makes you think about yourself and others and how change affects all people.’

‘Fun and informative but challenging in places.’

‘Fun and interesting way to learn about dealing with change.’

‘Go with an open mind and learn about what gets in the way of making change and how to overcome it.’

‘Helpful and informative with a fun structure.’

‘Interesting way to find out about change.’

‘It was informative and enabled me to reflect on the way I look at and deal with change.’

‘Learned a lot and interesting content.’

‘Useful opportunity to learn about tools to support change and for self-reflection on behaviours in relation to change.’

‘Very informative, easy to relate to real work life scenarios.’

Emotional intelligence feedback

‘Great insight into EI and how to apply, backed up with online support for applying further.’

‘Great thought-provoking workshop.’

‘It’s a great intro to EQ, what it is and how it impacts results.’

‘Very informative with some excellent take-aways for self-development. Thank you.’

‘It was very thought-provoking and I have taken a lot out of it to put into practice.’

‘Great course to help have more meaningful interactions.’

‘Thought-provoking course that invites you to evaluate your approach to situations that grind your gears.’

‘Superb, engaging presenter. Ensured that the whole group participated throughout.’

‘Very professional and engaging.’

‘Lovely facilitator, good presentation style, engaging and open.’

‘Excellent delivery, good session.’

‘Really knowledgeable trainer and kept at a good pace to allow us to work through the scenarios.’

‘An excellent and engaging facilitator with superb knowledge about the subject.’
‘Very knowledgeable trainer, engaging. Good honest open discussions throughout.’

‘Brilliant facilitator, had great knowledge and imparted a lot of information.’

From team member to team leader feedback

‘A flavour of what management could be – a good first insight!’

‘A great taster course which covers the basics of becoming a manager, how to transition from team member to line manager and styles – really useful!’

‘An engaging and informative day with good tips and self-reflection and learning opportunities.’

‘Great introduction to the basic principles of people management.’

‘Great one-day session that’s a mix of theory and practical and gives a framework to start with and build on.’

‘Great session for those new to line management or considering line management.’

‘Great to bring together knowledge and experience to put into practice as a manager of people.’

‘Highly interactive session which will help you decide whether a people management role is right for you.’

‘Inspiring set of tools to deal with challenges managing people.’

‘It is a really good re-fresher.’

‘It was a great session, and makes me want to learn more.’

‘The workshop really made you think about yourself. How to further develop your skills and techniques.’

‘Very well put together course.’

‘Thank you – best course I’ve attended to date!’

Honest conversations feedback

‘Very good and practical.’

‘Informative and helpful.’

‘Helps to make you more aware of the techniques you can use to discuss issues with staff/colleagues and improve performance.’

‘It’s a good way to think about what the other person may be feeling.’

‘Relevant content and interesting concepts.’

‘Interactive and interesting.’

Influencing & persuading with impact feedback

‘An eye-opener; will be very useful.’


‘Excellent, very engaging.’

‘It gets you thinking about different approaches.’

‘Useful strategies.’

‘Very informative and some skills learnt.’

Management essentials feedback

‘Informative and gives tools to navigate difficult management situations.’

‘It shows you how to get the most out of colleagues, to ensure they are happy working for you and continue to develop.’

‘Some useful tips and skills and has prompted me to do certain things with my team.’

‘How good it is to attend one of these training sessions.’

‘Informative and helps you to think slightly differently about working practices.’

Meetings, meetings, meetings! feedback

‘Brilliant and engaging workshop that will really fine-tune your meetings skills and make you more confident to own the meeting.’

‘Good training for beginners and intermediates.’

‘Lots of tips on how to prepare, chair and follow up meeting on different levels.’

‘Opened my eyes to my current meeting management style and helped me to understand what I could do better with real life examples.’

‘Very interesting. I liked the fact that it was quite interactive and we had to participate a lot. Also the case study was a good thing to do.’

Performance management feedback

‘Covers all bases for managing staff and making time to listen to them.’

‘It makes you think about how you can influence and help your workforce rather than see the employees problems as their problems that need to be fixed.’

‘Opens one’s mind to other ways of addressing issues.’

‘Makes you think about communication and people and how to get involved & improve them as a team member.’

‘Massive benefit to me and us as a business.’

‘Fresh ideas. Good fun.’

‘Makes you think more and realise what should be done differently.’

‘Intuitive and eye opening.’

‘Good to take time out to think about performance management and people.’

‘Great inspirational speaker who can make you feel you can achieve great things.’


‘Quality presenter. Personable.’

‘Clear and professional.’

‘Clear and engaging.’

Presentation skills feedback

‘Be prepared to go out of your comfort zone… but it’ll be worth it.’

‘Good course for any skill level.’

‘Very enjoyable and informative.’

‘Great pace and chilled. Safe environment.’

‘Some good tips and invaluable practice if you’re anxious about presenting/public speaking.’

‘Valuable experience.’

‘Helps boost your confidence in a supportive environment – don’t be scared, have a go!’

‘Excellent. Very approachable trainer, engaging & knowledgeable. Always found something positive to say about everyone.’

‘Warm and engaging trainer.’

‘The trainer was good at engaging people, varying the pace and topics to keep people’s attention.’

‘Friendly and informative trainer, great at putting people at ease.’

‘Trainer was great.’

‘Very knowledgeable and personable trainer.’

‘Spectacularly good on building confidence.’

It was great and informative; more people should do this course.’

‘Great insight.’

‘A very enjoyable day.’

‘Fantastic – trainer very knowledgeable and inspiring.’

‘Very knowledgeable trainer, provided tailored and effective feedback.’

Remote management feedback

‘Great – gets you thinking and being more thoughtful. Encourages out-of-the-box methods.’

‘Trainer was passionate and very friendly. Lots of examples that bring it to life.’

‘Very engaging.’

‘Useful insights, good tips.’

‘Scott was very engaging and friendly.’

‘Made me think!’

‘Very knowledgeable and personable trainer.’

‘Great – gets you thinking and being more thoughtful. Encourages out-of-the-box methods.’

‘Passionate and very friendly trainer. Lots of examples that bring it to life.’

‘Great trainer – kept you interested and engaged throughout the session.’

‘Useful insight – good tips.’

Stress, resilience & mental toughness feedback

‘Gives a new way to perceive stress and how to manage it.’

‘Definitely change my perception of stress from being negative to being positive.’

‘Informative, helpful and enjoyable.’

‘Course gives you useful tips/techniques to assist with stressful and difficult situations.’

‘Effective in dealing with stress, tips on mindfulness, breathing techniques to help calm you/the situation.’

‘A great overview of the areas. Especially good introduction to mindfulness.’

‘It’s eye-opening. Gives you a certain level of self-awareness and good techniques one can use.’

‘Very well presented.’

‘Excellent trainer, patient, caring and approachable.’

‘Trainer really knows how to engage all participants.’

‘Very good presenter, enthusiastic and keeps the audience engaged.’

Time and priority management feedback

‘It’s a great time to take a step back and assess your way of working and be inspired on what

you can take forward and put into practice.’

‘Great to learn different time management techniques and to increase productivity.’

‘Great way to learn methods of managing your time better.’

‘Good for rethinking your habits and the way you do things.’

‘It has changed the way I prioritise what I think is urgent.’

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