Managing effective teams

We all work in a team at some point in our lives, but most struggle to be as effective as they have the potential to be. Whether it’s miscommunications between co-workers, imbalance of skills, different priorities or difficulty adapting to change, when we lack awareness of these challenge, performance suffers.

Based on tried and tested strategies, this practical workshop takes managers and leaders through an exploration of how they can develop their own teams to reach their potential and become more effective. They will consider the dynamics of their teams, different behavioural styles and how they can create the right cultural environment to suit everyone.

Through pairs discussions, planning and engaging activities, they will understand how to set direction, communicate effectively, give feedback and motivate and inspire their teams towards high performance.

What’s in it for you?

  • Understand the stages of team development and have greater awareness of your team’s maturity
  • Have awareness of your own style as manager and how to adapt to meet the needs of your team
  • Develop strategies to foster belonging and diversity in your team
  • Know how to set direction and communicate with team members
  • Have increased confidence in providing feedback and motivation to team members

Workshop outline

(Full-day version, 9.30 – 5.00)

1 Welcome, objectives and agenda

  • Defining a team – what it looks like when teams work well, and when they don’t
  • Experiences of working in and managing teams

2 Team dynamics

  • Team lifecycle and stages of group development
  • Consideration of own teams and their level of maturity
  • Lencioni’s Five Disfunctions of a Team

3 Diverse teams

  • The benefit of different perspectives, skills and backgrounds in the makeup of a team
  • What needs to be in place to create an open culture that fosters belonging and makes different people feel valued and able to contribute?

4 Team behaviours

  • Introduction to a behavioural styles model
  • Understand yourself as a manager and your team members
  • Consider team makeup, the preferences and communication needs of each member, and how they as manager need to adapt and support their team based on what they know

5 Developing your team

  • Small group activity: review your team’s motivation, skills and performance
  • Generate options for developing both team members, and the overall team culture to increase performance

6 Setting direction

  • Understanding your team’s strengths and understanding how to best adapt your style and culture to meet their needs
  • Exercise: a simple puzzle
  • The A to B model
  • Writing and communicating

7 Communicating with your team

  • How you communicate with your team and what could be improved
  • Remote / hybrid and face-to-face teams
  • Channels of communication: what are the benefits and pitfalls?
  • Communications plan

8 Motivating your team

  • Behavioural styles and the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Theory X and Theory Y

9 Team dilemmas

  • A series of team dilemmas: how to respond to different scenarios and situations

10 Action planning

  • Record actions to apply in the workplace
  • Make one commitment to action when you return to the workplace

This session is usually delivered by Scott Rumsey, one of our most popular trainers. See some of the feedback he’s had recently:

  • ‘Outstanding presentation.’
  • Scott was awesome – he managed the Zoom chat extremely well and made everyone feel part of a community who felt comfortable to share. Thank you.’
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  • ‘Scott is great, lovely session!’
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  • ‘Great webinar as always – Scott Rumsey is both knowledgeable and skilled in managing to convey so much in a brief session.’
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  • ‘Really enjoyed it, useful hints and tips – Scott has been brilliant as ever.’
  • ‘Really good interactive session. BRILLIANT! Scott is lovely!’
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