Coaching skills for line managers

Practical tips for everyday coaching ‘in the moment’

Performance coaching develops people’s capabilities, improves effectiveness and enhances productivity.

It also encourages ownership and responsibility, leading to staff being happier and more motivated.

Managers will leave this programme with lots of tools and techniques they can use immediately – together with increased confidence in their ability to develop people effectively.

What’s in it for you?

  • Understand what coaching is and isn’t
  • Recognise the value of using a coaching style on a daily basis
  • Enhance your questioning and listening skills
  • Practise giving and receiving feedback using coaching
  • Know how to adapt your coaching style to match individual needs
  • Learn how to use the GROW model of coaching
  • Using structures to create new habits or behaviours

Workshop outline

(Full-day version, 9.30 – 5.00)

1 What is performance coaching?

  • An essential management skill
  • Coaching, mentoring, training and counselling – what’s the difference?
  • Benefits of coaching
    • To the individual
    • To the manager
    • To the organisations

2 When to coach, when not to coach

  • Recognising ‘coachable moments’
  • The challenges of ‘top-down’ change
  • Using coaching when someone has a problem or question

3 Key coaching skills – and when to use them

  • Effective questioning
    • The NLP model of communication
    • Questioning exercise
  • Effective listening
    • Listening exercise
  • Giving feedback using coaching
    • The See/Saw model
  • Motivation using coaching

4 Structuring a coaching session

  • Focus
  • Outcomes
  • Beginning > middle > end
    • Coaching for motivation exercise

5 Using the GROW model

  • Sir John Whitmore’s model
    • Goal
    • Reality
    • Options
    • Way forward
  • ‘Homework’
  • Adapting GROW to ‘coachable moments’

6 Making coaching sustainable

  • Using ‘structures’ to create habits
  • The power of habit: cue > routine > reward
  • Increasing choice
  • Using coaching ‘experiments’ to deal with the ‘fear of failure’
  • Creating a coaching culture

7 Actions and next steps

  • Review
  • Personal action planning
  • Next steps

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