How to make your point, with confidence

When people are assertive they portray a strong, confident image and can put their views across while still taking other people’s opinions into account.

Non-assertive, passive aggressive or aggressive behaviour can cause misunderstandings, frustration and even a breakdown in relationships at work.

In this highly practical session participants discover how effective body language, voice, and the words they say make a big difference to the results they get. Importantly, they learn how to build confidence that leads to assertive behaviour more of the time. And how to disagree without being disagreeable!

What’s in it for you?

  • Recognise the differences between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour
  • Overcome the barriers to assertive behaviour
  • Understand the impact your non-verbal communication has on people
  • Make assertive requests – and follow up effectively
  • Say ‘no’, where appropriate
  • Be more assertive in meetings
  • Give negative feedback – without giving offence

Workshop outline

(Full-day version, 9.30 – 5.00)

1 Why be assertive?

2 Assertiveness defined

  • What is assertiveness?
  • Why does it matter?
  • The assertiveness spectrum
    • Passive
    • Assertive
    • Aggressive
  • Skills practice: demonstrating the spectrum

3 Channels of assertiveness

  • The three channels of assertiveness
    • What we show
    • What we say
    • How we sound
  • The ‘I’m OK / you’re OK’ model
    • Avoiding non-assertive behaviour as a default position
  • Skills practice: confidently stating your opinion

4 Assertive language

  • The importance of direct communication
  • The problems with indirect communication
  • Skills practice: standing your ground
  • ‘Wimp talk’ v ‘power talk’
    • ‘Wimp talk’ quiz
  • Voice
  • Body language
  • Skills practice: making assertive requests

5 Refusing requests and saying ‘no’

  • The hardest word
  • When to use it…
  • … and how

6 Assertive follow-up

  • Empathic assertion
  • The broken record technique
  • Keeping body language consistent with verbal
  • Skills practice: making assertive requests
  • Self-disclosure and empathy
  • Escalating requests

7 How to disagree without being disagreeable

  • The 3As model
    • Acknowledge
    • Agree
    • And (not ‘but’)
  • Skills practice: disagreeing in an assertive way

8 How to be assertive in different situations

  • How to raise an issue
    • How to be proactive and assertive with your manager
    • Barriers
    • Skills practice: suggesting a change
  • How to give negative feedback
    • Have the right mindset
    • Have a framework
    • Skills practice: giving feedback to a colleague
  • How to be assertive in a meeting
    • Why do it
    • How to do it
    • Skills practice: group exercise

9 Actions and next steps

  • Review
  • Personal action planning
  • Next steps

See some of the great feedback we’ve had for ‘Assertiveness’:

  • ‘An informative and thought-provoking session that made me think about the way I conduct myself.’
  • ‘The way Scott interacted with us all was great. Made sure everyone was involved in the meeting. Enthusiastic from start to finish.’
  • ‘You learn about your own behaviour and how you can adjust little things to become more assertive and get better outcomes in certain situations.’
  • ‘Great energy and charisma. Very engaging. Easy to get along with. Very inclusive.’

And for the lead trainer, Scott Rumsey:

  • ‘Outstanding presentation.’
  • Scott was awesome – he managed the chat extremely well and made everyone feel part of a community who felt comfortable to share. Thank you.’
  • ‘Scott is brilliant.’
  • ‘Another excellent course run by Scott – thank you.’
  • ‘Scott has a great, great presentation style, experienced and knowledgeable.’
  • ‘I always enjoy Scott’s sessions. This was a great light bite of a fascinating subject.’
  • ‘For such a short time lots was covered. Scott always makes you feel special. Thank you.’
  • ‘A really lively informative session in a short space of time. Really liked Scott as a presenter – very engaging for a large group over Zoom!’
  • ‘Really enjoy Scott’s style of presentation and his honesty when giving personal examples of situations.’
  • ‘Very well structured, insightful and informative. Best web session I have attended anywhere this year – Scott is a talented virtual facilitator.’
  • ‘Scott is great, lovely session!’
  • ‘Excellent presenter.’
  • ‘Scott is always really informative and encourages active debate.’
  • ‘Great webinar as always – Scott Rumsey is both knowledgeable and skilled in managing to convey so much in a brief session.’
  • ‘The trainer was really upbeat and inspiring – I came away feeling uplifted and motivated to get more organised!’
  • ‘Really enjoyed it, useful hints and tips – Scott has been brilliant as ever.’
  • ‘Really good interactive session. BRILLIANT! Scott is lovely!’
  • ‘Inspiring!’

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