Mental fitness – results and feedback

Research results

Shirzad Chamine’s research involved MRI brain scans. Within 6-8 weeks of subjects undergoing his mental fitness training there were clear signs of:

  • Increased grey matter in the PQ brain region, where your Sage ‘lives’
  • Decreased grey matter in the Survivor brain region, where your Saboteurs ‘live’

And independent researchers validated his initial test results, based on a first sample group of 275,000 people from a broad range of organisations, professions, and occupations. They found:

  • Salespeople sell 37% more
  • Project teams perform 31% better on key performance metrics
  • Negotiators are more likely to gain concessions and close deals
  • Students perform significantly better on maths tests
  • CEOs are more likely to lead happy teams who report their work climate to be conducive to high performance
  • A comparison of sixty teams showed that a team’s PQ was the greatest predictor of its achievement
  • Wellness
  • Employees take fewer sick days and are less likely to become burned out or quit
  • Higher PQ results in enhanced immune system functioning, lower levels of stress-related hormones, lower blood pressure, less pain, fewer colds, better sleep, and a smaller likelihood of having hypertension, diabetes, or strokes
  • High PQ leads to an almost 10-year increase in lifespan (based on historical data extrapolation by independent researchers)

Programme results

Participants in the coaching programme report:

  • 92% Improved ability to develop others
  • 91% Manage stress better
  • 90% Use mental/emotional energy more effectively
  • 85% Increased happiness
  • 84% Better at conflict management
  • 83% Improved self-confidence

Some of Shirzad’s corporate clients have shared the results they’ve seen as a result of his programme:

  • At MetLife, trained salespeople outsold the control group by 37%
  • Motorola recorded improved productivity in 93% of trained employees
  • A UK restaurant group saw 34% greater profit growth
  • At Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceutical, the average salesperson sold $55,200 more per month
  • At L’Oreal, the programme resulted in a $91,370 increase per sales person

Other clients reporting great results include P&G, CBS, Google, Philips, PayPal, Pinterest, Nestlé, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Hewlett Packard, Yale University, American Express, Lilly, DBS, Salesforce, etc, etc.

Feedback from Rosanne’s delivery of the programme

See what people have said about their experiences on this programme recently with Rosanne:

  • ‘I have known Rosanne for a number of years now and have worked with her on several courses on how people can improve their communication skills. I have just been working on the Positive Intelligence course with her, created by Shirzad Chamine, and I can only say that it has changed my life. The secret to the success of the course is simply the attention to detail, the ease of being able to understand the concepts of how we sabotage ourselves, and the practical ways to engage the Sage, or kind, part of our brain. It leads to less internal and external conflict and less judging. Rosanne ran the course with complete compassion and kindness. At times it wasn’t easy because you’re required to really look at yourself and be honest about which of the nine saboteurs are sabotaging you, but once you identify these then you can start to defeat them. This course is simply brilliant because it is not a one-off day of training like so many of these courses are. It is all about repetition in order to get the brain to engage the Sage part and weaken its saboteur part. I was worried that once the course finished I would revert back to my old self but that hasn’t happened and using the exercises and materials from the course I am navigating a much happier, productive and kinder course through life.’ Matt Thornton-Field
  • ‘I’ve worked with Rosanne on a number of projects but most recently on the/her Positive Intelligence programme. I had a number of questions prior to committing to the programme and she was incredibly generous with her time to answer questions and ensure it was the right choice for me.  The programme itself was without a doubt a catalyst for change and Rosanne’s support throughout was invaluable. Her professionalism and ability to create a safe yet challenging space was absolutely key to the group’s success and I’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the/her coaching programme.’  Katie Heath
  • ‘I undertook the Positive Intelligence programme and have found it invaluable in providing me with useful tools to help focus the mind, identify potential conflict points and to build a more positive and productive pathway through my actions and relationships with others. The pre-assessment session clearly identified my main saboteur tendencies (stickler, hyper-rational and avoider) and I now feel that I have developed techniques through the course to respond effectively to combat these default tendencies. The course does require a sustained level of commitment in order to practise and reinforce the learning to improve my mental fitness, but I found the pragmatic and supportive approach of the video sessions and daily challenges has proved very rewarding and insightful.’  IT Business Analyst
  • ‘I attended the Positive Intelligence course with Rosanne as my coach. It is important for you to have an authentic and trustworthy coach for this programme; Rosanne was both of those for me. In terms of the course, it was eye opening to me and helped me understand behaviours that have impacted me and I probably pressed onto others my entire life. After the course, it is easier for me to understand that I just want to be happy, and I can only control myself. It helped me grow as a professional, but immensely as a person.’  Shannon Bisping, Senior Learning and Development Consultant, D&I Partner
  • ‘I did the 6 week course with Rosanne in September last year amidst one of the busiest times of year for me! Rosanne was incredibly supportive, flexible, friendly and challenging (in a good way!) all at the same time. She supported myself and the pod on a very special journey where we had to become vulnerable in order to build our PQ, and I felt safe and assured in her guidance.  I really enjoyed the course and have felt incredible benefits in my work and personal life. The structure of the course is really easy to follow, manageable and real. And Rosanne provided fantastic support, guidance and encouragement. This is truly a lifeskill that is helping me manage my demons and build my self-confidence.’ Krista Cooper, Careers Advisor
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