Mental fitness

How to boost performance

Are you – and your team – achieving your true potential?

We all know that few of us achieve as much as we could in life – whether at work or in our personal lives. That’s why we’re so often amazed by those who do.

It’s not because we’re stupid. It’s nothing to do with IQ. And it’s not really about EQ (emotional intelligence) either, although there’s certainly a link. No, it’s about PQ – positive intelligence. We all have the potential for high achievement but we self-sabotage. We let our inner voices and bad habits, our ‘saboteurs’, hold us back. We don’t exercise enough self-command over them. We actually suppress positive thoughts and emotions.

And this has an impact on the people around as well. It’s why many teams and entire organisations struggle to perform as well as they could.

A full 80% of us score lower on mental fitness than we need to if we are to reach peak performance. (You can find out your PQ score, for free, in just two minutes, here).

So it’s good news that a hugely successful programme in the States has shown that we can do something about it. Especially since high achievers even live longer!

We all just need a bit of help to set us on the right path…

The workshop option

A one-day workshop (or two-part virtual session)

This programme explains the big idea behind Positive Intelligence ®.

It will help you understand your saboteurs – what they are, why we have them, how to deal with them.

And in the afternoon (or part two of the virtual session) it will explain how the ‘Sage’ part of your brain works and how to harness its powers in order to overcome your saboteurs, develop your Positive Intelligence ® (PQ) and start fulfilling your potential.

The coaching option

An hour a week – plus practice!

Spend an hour a week learning about your saboteurs, your ‘Sage’ and how to develop self-command.

And then watch the videos and follow the mental fitness ‘exercise regime’ to help put it all into practice. A really effective mix of training, one-to-one coaching and practice, practice, practice!

Works best in small groups (‘pods’) of five or six – great for teams!

The man behind the programme…

We didn’t come up with this ourselves.

It’s the brain-child of Shirzad Chamine, and his organisation, Positive Intelligence, based on his research at Stanford University.

Half a million users (and rising) can’t all be wrong!

Shirzad Chamine

… and the woman

Rosanne Bernard is an exceptional coach / trainer.

She’s fully accredited as a certified Mental Fitness Coach by Positive Intelligence ® to run this programme and gets great feedback for it, as you can see from the testimonials.

Rosanne Bernard


Shirzad Chamine’s work – and this programme in particular – has had some great feedback:

The Mental fitness programme gets fantastic results. Give us a call on 01582 463460 to talk through how it might work for you or your organisation.