Developing a growth mindset

What’s stopping you?

The personal, professional and organisational benefits of a growth mindset are well-known.

It fosters learning and personal growth, encourages change and innovation, develops resilience, enhances productivity and performance, raises levels of engagement and satisfaction, supports collaboration, reduces self-limiting beliefs, improves retention rates, and contributes to a positive organisational culture.

But how do you take the first step?

Let Meera Shah show you…


A one-day workshop, in person, for a group of up to 15 people

Appropriate at all levels – or can be tailored for a specific audience

Can be offered as part of a regular programme of L&D activities

Also highly effective as an ad hoc session on a team-by-team basis

See programme outline below


Talk (1 hour), unlimited number of participants, online or in person

Half-day workshop (3.5 hours), 12-15 participants, in person

2-day workshop (16 hours), 12-15 participants, in person

12-week programme (1.5 hours a week), 12-15 participants, in person or online

One-to-one coaching


This unique workshop will help you reap the rewards of a growth mindset:

Approach challenges fearlessly.

Support your team to align to your organisation’s vision.

Learn to embrace (and even look forward to) change.

Ensure continuous personal growth.

Better understand your own mindset and motivations.

Aim higher – set realistic yet more powerful exciting goals.

Use goal milestones to help focus on both short and longer term wins

Learn how to become more resilient, take charge and create a renewed, stronger sense of self.

Lead with pride.

Overcome (or manage) anxiety, fear, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs.

Identify and release what is no longer working for you.

Creating a new, more success, personal growth identity.

Above all, this programme will help you on your way to achieving your personal and professional goals.


Organisations, leaders, individuals, teams, and professionals looking to embrace change and enhance their efficiency to achieve success.

Want to fly higher? This programme is for you.

Struggling with imposter syndrome, overwhelm, lack of motivation? This programme is for you.

Looking to improve team or business performance? This programme is for you too.


Meera Shah is a coach, facilitator, trainer and TEDx speaker (‘How to think big and make your dreams a reality’) with over 15 years of experience in personal, professional and leadership development.

She has worked with individuals and organisations from different sectors around the world, helping them embrace change and achieve success. Her extensive client list includes individual executives and entrepreneurs, and corporate clients such as Weber Shandwick, Goldman Sachs, Harvey Nichols, Deutsche Bank, Aviva, RBS, Metro Bank, Santander, HSBC, Barclays, and Lloyds, as well as a number of NGOs and not-for-profits.

Scroll through below to see what clients have said about Meera’s session.


1 Understanding a fixed vs growth mindset

  • How our mindsets affect our behaviour, performance, motivation and anxiety, in both our professional and our personal lives
  • Understanding your personal mindset

2 Missions and mindsets

  • Understanding your organisation’s mission, vision and culture
  • How mindsets affect mission delivery

3 Developing a growth mindset identity, vocabulary and language

  • Using a growth mindset to enhance learning, behaviours and engagement
  • Giving growth feedback

4 Getting motivated and embracing change (both internally and externally)

  • Using challenges and set-backs as opportunities for growth and learning
  • Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding resistance

5 Overcoming obstacles

  • Fear of failure, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and anxiety
  • Techniques and tools to help overcome these obstacles
  • The importance of goal-setting as motivator

6 Setting clear goals

  • Aligning to the company goals – short-term and long-term
  • Having clear milestones
  • Finding any skills and competency gaps – and how to bridge them
  • Identifying sources of support – personal and professional

7 Developing resilience and persistence

  • The role of resilience in personal and professional success
  • Resilience as the foundation for growth

8 Creating a daily action plan to achieve goals

  • Setting the mindset, habits and behaviours needed to achieve goals – use mindset techniques daily

9 Setting milestones

  • Goal measurement and regular review

10 Energy and mindset management

  • Learning how to manage one’s anxiety or negative feelings and avoid burn-out
  • Techniques to manage one’s energy so that the mind stays clear and focused, whilst ensuring self-care and nourishment

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