Understanding the Singaporean work culture

90-minute webinar

Singapore is a cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures where east meets west. She is home to people from different cultures and ethnicities and the government of Singapore allows various cultures to grow and foster together harmoniously.

This interactive session focuses on the key cultural traits of working with the various ethnic groups in Singapore and how to avoid the most common pitfalls in business dealings.

If you want to go beyond the stereotypes and really understand the approach to business relationships, negotiations, or meetings when working in Singapore, you need to attend this module.

Useful tips and experience-sharing make this session highly practical and easy to implement.

Prerequisite: having attended the introductory session on ‘Understanding cultural difference’.

Learning objectives

  • Understand key aspects of working with the various ethnic groups in Singapore
  • Learn how to adapt your communication and negotiation styles
  • Be aware of dos and don’ts when working in Singapore
  • Build a personal action plan to implement learning in the workplace


A highly interactive 90-minute webinar for groups of 6 to 8, this module alternates short classroom-style explanations with smaller-group / peer discussions and exercises, and individual reflection and planning.


Yvonne Low is a professional facilitator and talent developer with over 25 years of experience in various industries and across countries in Asia Pacific. Based in Singapore and working with people from diverse cultures and nationalities, Yvonne believes in the importance of building constructive and effective relationships and working in an environment of openness and trust. She relates well to all levels of people in an organisation and is passionate about helping individuals grow and develop.

Webinar overview

1 Introduction

  • Objectives and agenda
  • Quick review of culture and its components
  • The value of being able to understand key cultural differences

2 Specifics of the Singaporean culture

  • Key aspects of working with Singaporeans that generally surprise newcomers
  • Experience-sharing and individual challenges

3 Dos and don'ts

  • Examples of suggested behaviour in typical business and social situations in Singapore businesses

4 Action plan and next steps

  • Summary of key learning points
  • Reflection and sharing of next steps

5 Close

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