Understanding cultural difference

90-minute webinar

Doing business internationally is a daily matter for many companies and professionals. The same goes for working with customers, suppliers, and colleagues from different cultures.

Most people, however, underestimate the importance of intercultural competence, thinking that as long as the two parties speak the same language (ie, English) everything is going to be fine.

This interactive session focuses on the key components of what we call ‘culture’ and provides some tips to avoid the most common pitfalls of intercultural communication. It’s the essential introduction to a complete cycle of deep-dive modules on cross-cultural communication and management.

Learning objectives

  • Understand what is meant by ‘culture’ and why it is far more than nationality or language
  • Identify cultural stereotypes and biases
  • Learn about core cultural dimensions affecting business relationships
  • Develop an understanding of preferences and differences
  • Know the key areas to pay attention to in order to avoid major cultural faux pas


A highly interactive 90-minute webinar for groups of 6 to 8, this module alternates short classroom-style explanations with smaller-group/peer discussions and exercises, and individual reflection and planning.

It can also be delivered to multi-cultural teams, regrouping participants from different cultures at the same time, serving as a team-building opportunity as well as a cultural awareness-raising session.


Angela Lequenne is an experienced cross-cultural coach and trainer, with experience of cultures across Europe and north America. An Italian living in France, she is particularly alert to the potential for both pitfalls and benefits when working across cultures.

Passionate about foreign cultures, human relationships and service, she developed her career in the travel and hospitality industries, working for over 20 years in global companies such as Disney, Jet Tours and Hotelplan before becoming a highly successful independent trainer and coach.

Webinar overview

1 Introduction

  • Objectives and agenda
  • What is culture and why does it matter?
  • The value of being able to understand cultural differences

2 Building a cross-cultural mindset

  • Stages and challenges of working across cultures
  • Understanding and overcoming stereotypes
  • Experience sharing

3 Preferences and differences

  • Overview of cultural dimensions
  • Cultural relativity: there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, just shared habits
  • Self-reflection and sharing

4 Action plan and next steps

  • Summary of key learning points
  • Reflection and sharing of next steps

5 Close

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