2: Communication styles

90-minute webinar

This interactive session focuses on the key cultural aspect of communication style, which causes so many misunderstandings and mismatches. Whether we set out our expectations and objectives clearly, rather than using complex circumlocutions or indirect speech, is a typical cultural trait. Sharing our feelings and impressions, or appearing impassive, is also influenced by cultural habits and imperatives. That is why doing business internationally often requires us to be able to ‘read between the lines’ and to put things in perspective, toning down hyperbole or exaggerating an understatement.

Prerequisite: having attended the introductory session on ‘Understanding cultural difference’.

Learning objectives

  • Understand cultural habits affecting communication styles
  • Appreciate their impact on daily business situations and interactions
  • Reflect on personal style and its impact on current relationships and work environments
  • Build a personal action plan to implement learning in the workplace


A highly interactive 90-minute webinar for groups of 6 to 8, this module alternates short classroom-style explanations with smaller-group / peer discussions and exercises, and individual reflection and planning.

It can also be delivered to multi-cultural teams, regrouping participants from different cultures at the same time, serving as a team-building opportunity as well as a cultural awareness-raising session.


Angela Lequenne is an experienced cross-cultural coach and trainer, with experience of cultures across Europe and north America. An Italian living in France, she is particularly alert to the potential for both pitfalls and benefits when working across cultures.

Passionate about foreign cultures, human relationships and service, she developed her career in the travel and hospitality industries, working for over 20 years in global companies such as Disney, Jet Tours and Hotelplan before becoming a highly successful independent trainer and coach.

Webinar overview

1 Introduction

  • Objectives and agenda
  • Quick review of culture and cultural dimensions
  • The value of being able to understand key cultural dimensions

2 Implicit v explicit communication

  • Typical communication styles influenced by culture
  • Experience-sharing and individual challenges

3 Showing emotions and personal involvement

  • Cultural preferences
  • Implications for business situations

4 Action plan and next steps

  • Summary of key learning points
  • Reflection and sharing of next steps

5 Close

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