Training needs analysis

Most clients have already done a training needs analysis before they contact us. It tends only to be the smaller organisations, where the HR team is quite stretched, that ask us to do it for them, but we’re more than happy to step in if required. (Or we can train you in how to do it for yourselves, if you prefer: please see our sister company here).

All clients, however, can benefit from a discussion as to the most cost-effective way of meeting the training requirements they have identified and it’s this part of the TNA process to which we can add most value, whatever the size or nature of the organisation.

Everyone at Maximum Performance has been on the client’s side of the fence in their time, so we understand what you might want – and, just as importantly, what you might not want – from a discussion about the best way of meeting your training requirements. Feel free to give us a call on 01582 714280 for a free and frank discussion, with absolutely no obligation on your part.