Team projects

To reinforce learning points, to maintain engagement and commitment and to ensure a high level of return on investment, it can be very helpful in a structured leadership or management development programme to have the participants work together on a business-focused project and to make a presentation at the completion or graduation event.

The organisation may have some projects that require research or analysis, or some internal issues that need resolving, or any number of business challenges to address, so why not get the participants to work in Action Learning Sets to take on some of those projects and present back at the end of the programme in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style session? Different teams can work on different projects, to inject an element of healthy competition. This also creates a need to work together across functions for the benefit of the whole organisation.

Some clients have found that successful project presentations have led to the implementation of cost-saving initiatives that have more than covered the cost of the development programme. Others have preferred to concentrate on the learning journey itself and have sought to get more value for money from the programme by focusing on ensuring behavioural change as a result of the programme. Either way, we can set the parameters in the launch event. We would be happy to discuss with you how these approaches might work in your environment.

As an example, see how we incorporated a ‘learning journey’ project into a management development programme for one of our clients recently: project brief.

The project presentations were an opportunity for participants to practise their presentation skills, of course, but also for senior management to reinforce their commitment to the learning process within the organisation: the presentations were made to a group which included the CEO (this in a company of 10,000 people).

In addition, some fun can be had turning project presentations into a competition and having an awards ceremony, to mark the end of the programme and to leave everyone on a high note.

To discuss how we could help devise some development programme projects for use within your organisation, please just give us a call on 01582 714280 and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.