With so many subject matter experts at our disposal (via our sister organisation, The In-House Training Company), it is comparatively easy for us to pull together an expert ‘faculty’ to design and deliver a ‘mini-MBA’ programme, combining a range of topics with our leadership and management development expertise.

A typical six-module programme might include sessions on, for example:

  • Strategy and change
  • Competitive marketing
  • Financial management
  • Business planning
  • Project management OR operational management / service delivery
  • Leadership and managing people
  • ‘Guest’ sessions can also be included, with keynote presentations from relevant industry experts.

Alternatively, one of our associates specialises in delivering ‘mini-MBA’ programmes. Winner of the UK National Training Awards for return on investment from training, Sanjeev’s knowledge, experience and inspirational delivery have helped thousands of managers and professionals to capitalise on their talents and fulfil the potential of both themselves and their organisations. His programmes are typically run on a five-day residential basis, along the following lines:

  1. Business strategy, marketing and strategic thinking
    • A framework for strategy development
    • Strategic thinking and decision-making
    • Exploring our business ecosystem
    • Understanding marketing – 
a strategic viewpoint
    • Knowing our markets and customers – current and future, the opportunities and the risks
    • How to maximise returns from these opportunities – stirring and stunning the market
    • Competition – differentiated success
    • Marketing essentials – making it work
    • A vision that works, a mission that delivers
    • Devising and implementing the 
business / strategy plan
    • Evaluating the plan – financial projections
  2. Financial management
    • The role of finance in business and decision-making
    • Profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and management accounts
    • A business decision-making tool
    • Cash management – working capital control
    • Market-driven strategic business plans, budgets and forecasts
    • Assessing risks, evaluating opportunities
    • Resource maximisation for best returns
    • Determining financial health and vitality of the company
    • Getting project approval – return on investment
  3. Leadership and people management
    • Overcoming personal barriers to success
    • Communicating for results
    • Announcing challenging decisions confidently
    • Your personal situational leadership style
    • Strengths to build on
    • Effective delegation, directivity, participation
    • Honest feedback from trainer, colleagues and self
    • Getting the best from your upward managers
    • Understanding others – different personality profiles and how to deal with them
    • Inspiring and motivating people for self and business achievement

Interested? Please call Michael Bentley at Maximum Performance / The In-House Training Company if you would like to explore the options: 01582 714282.