Learning reviews and diaries

Learning reviews

To help maintain focus and momentum during a structured development programme, we often suggest regular ‘learning review’ sessions, to help consolidate learning, review implementation and feed into development of subsequent modules and workshops. These sessions also form the basis of a review meeting between us and the client, to review performance and feedback and to agree any changes to the next phase of activities.

Learning diaries

We also recommend that participants in a structured development programme complete a short analysis of their learning at ‘flashpoints’ within the programme. This analysis is drawn from their ‘learning diary’, a record of their progress with their learning objectives throughout the programme.

Where it’s not possible, for whatever reason, to feature a business project in a structured development programme, we often suggest getting the participants to make a presentation around their ‘learning journey’, based on their ‘learning diary’. The brief for this might be as follows:

Keep a learning diary throughout the programme. This will contain your personal thoughts and experiences as you progress. It can be as personal as you wish. You may like some people more than others – perhaps their styles or preferences are different from yours. How can you manage the relationships? What impact have you made? What do your actions say about you?

At the end of the programme you will be required to make a 10 minute presentation to a senior management panel on your ‘learning journey’. It is personal and seen through your eyes so there is no right and wrong. The panel will want to know what you have learnt about yourself and how you are going to make a difference to the business and those around you.

The presentations give both the client and us an indication as to how the learning is being embedded back in the workplace.

The diagram shows how we used the ‘learning diary’ approach recently during the course of a six-month management development programme. See more about this programme here.

If you’re planning a development programme, please give us a call on 01582 714280 to discuss how a learning diary approach could add value.