Competency frameworks

When discussing the scope of a development programme with a client, one of the first questions we have to ask is whether the organisation has a competency framework in place. If it does, we need to design the programme by reference to it. If it doesn’t, we are sometimes asked to develop a framework first, before moving on to the development programme.

Our Managing Director, Cyrus Cooper, has extensive practical experience with competency frameworks (as well as a Masters degree in performance management). He designed performance management systems and competency frameworks for over 12,000 staff at the Ministry of Justice and has subsequently designed competency frameworks for a number of our clients, including the BBC and Housing Solutions. (In the latter case, this involved running short workshops on values for all staff – 2.5 hours per workshop, in groups of 25 – before producing a short film explaining the values for use in future induction training).

Cyrus’s approach is to keep competency frameworks as simple as possible – but therein lies the art. Distilling values and behaviours, with examples, differentiated for all staff levels across the organisation (or business unit) into an easy-to-use matrix is trickier than it looks. But once done it quickly becomes a golden thread, running through all the organisation’s HR processes, including recruitment, ’s worth the effort.

And where a competency framework is in place, we can customise our 360° tool around it, with the results being used to inform both the design of the programme and the evaluation of its return on investment.

Whether you’re contemplating a competency framework as a separate project or as a preliminary to a development programme, please give us a call on 01582 714280 and we’ll put you in touch directly with Cyrus Cooper for a no-obligation discussion.