Reducing cost, adding value – a menu of options

There are many different ways to define blended learning, but we’re happy to go along with this description:

‘A blended learning solution combines educational and training methods within different social contexts for learning (self-study, one-to-one, group), with the aim of increasing learning effectiveness. It may also mix the learning media used to deliver the solution (face-to-face, online, offline, etc) as a way to optimise the efficiency of the solution. These choices are made in response to particular learning requirements and audience characteristics, as well as practical constraints and opportunities.’
– Clive Shepherd, The Blended Learning Cookbook

With this in mind, have a quick look through this menu of options and then perhaps we can have a discussion as to how best our approach to learning can help deliver the results you need.

  • Engaging learning We have some outstanding trainers, so getting the participants to engage in the learning process isn’t usually an issue, but if you’re looking for something a little different to help stimulate your learners, we can offer, actors, indoor and outdoor team activities, film-based activities – even equine-assisted training! We will gladly come up with some ideas for you to make your development programme just that little bit different.
  • Extended learning What goes on in the training room is only half the story. Just as important is the pre-work, the follow-up actions, the reviews, the action learning sets, the coaching and the mentoring. Not to mention the evaluation. The more effort you put into these aspects, the greater the value for money you will derive from what goes on in the training room.
  • E-learning It’s less a question of what we can do but what it is appropriate to do. Whether you’re thinking of multi-media courses, e-books, online learning, offline learning, scenarios and simulations or even bespoke educational games, we take a learning-centred approach rather than a technology-focused one. We will help you assess what is the best way of achieving a specific learning objective before deciding on the platform.
  • Off-the-shelf e-learning Why reinvent the wheel? There’s no shortage of published e-learning materials which we will happily incorporate into a bespoke programme if appropriate.
  • M-learning Mobile learning ‘gobbets’ can be an extremely powerful tool, particular within larger organisations. As a quick refresher on meeting skills, coaching skills, negotiating skills, etc, before going into a challenging situation, this is a wonderful delivery tool for truly bite-sized learning.
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  • Live online learning In the US, 10% of all training is now done live online. Appropriately enough, for one international client we are now trialling a virtual course on managing virtual teams. Can we trial it with you too?
  • Collaborative learning One of the virtues of the new technologies is that they can be very cheap. We can help set you up with a Moodle site, for example, where learners can download content, use simulations, contribute to open or moderated forums, etc, for remarkably little cost. Or we can show you how to use twitter in support of an action learning set.

The possibilities are endless, but the key question must always be: what’s the best way of achieving a specific learning objective? We can help you with this. Give us a call now on 01582 714280.