Welcome to Bite-sized learning!

More and more organisations are using bite-sized learning as part of the mix. Some are doing it because they are consciously following a 70:20:10 model, others simply in response to feedback from managers and staff that full-day sessions don’t always work for them. Whatever the reason for your interest in bite-sized learning, and whatever length session you envisage (from just an hour to half a day), we can meet your needs.

The interactive booklet below gives you just a taster of what we can offer. Any of the sessions can be tailored to your specific requirements or, of course, we can develop something for you from scratch (at no extra cost).

We’ve delivered these sessions for a wide range of clients such as Lloyd’s of London, The Wine Society, Buckinghamshire County Council, London Executive Offices, Cambridge & Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group, Central Bedfordshire Council, Colliers, University of Derby, Housing Solutions, Wenta, Ceres Power, etc, etc, and we’ve had some great feedback. We’d be delighted to discuss what we could do for you.

Please note: this is just a selection of bite-sized learning courses; we can deliver more and tailor them specifically to you if required.

Please call Helen Nuttall on 01582 714 280 if you have any queries regarding these sessions or other sessions we run.

View our interactive booklet!

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Or download a printer-friendly version of the booklet’s content here.