Away-days / conferences

Organisations need to get their people together from time to time for all sorts of reasons. And when they do, they often find they could use a bit of input. For example (and all these examples are recent, if anonymous):

  • Facilitation If a team has issues it needs to discuss, then an external facilitator can bring experience and impartiality to help you get what you want out of the day without the egos or the passions in the room getting in the way. If the Board needs to spend a day thinking about strategy then we have facilitators experienced in that who can help. If a team is going through a restructuring, then we have expert facilitators who can help take you from vision and mission through roles and responsibilities to action plans.
  • Motivation The annual staff conference comes with a weight of expectation that internal resources alone are unlikely to be able to satisfy unaided. We can help by coaching the senior managers to engage better with their audience. Or we can take their message and coach the most junior staff to deliver it instead (this really makes a huge impact). Or we can supply a motivational speaker (who won’t break your budget).
  • Inspiration There’s often a key issue that needs to be addressed, perhaps just for an hour or two, after the corporate presentations and before the team activities. Customer service is a particular favourite, time management another. Ask yourself what one thing you would like everyone to do better after your conference – that can be our theme and we can inspire them with it. We guarantee that you’ll see an improvement.
  • Participation You need to make the most of getting people together and that often means getting them to do some activities. Where do we begin? There are so many options, quite a few of them described separately here). Many clients understandably start by thinking about what would be most fun and enjoyable but we would usually suggest focusing on what you are trying to achieve before sharing some thoughts with you as to what’s feasible given the possible constraints of facilities, weather, special needs, appetite for physical v mental challenges, etc, etc. Depending on the outcome, we can then either deliver the activity ourselves or help you identify someone who can.
  • Organisation Unless you’ve organised a staff conference yourself, you can have no idea how time-consuming it can be. Some of our clients now get us to do it for them.

Inspired? If you think we can help share the burden of organising your away-day or staff conference, and especially if you can see the added value we could bring to it, then please just give us a call on 01582 714280 for a no-obligation discussion as to how he might be able to help you.