Actor-based workshops

When used appropriately, specialist actors and role play facilitators can add great value to an event.

In the context of a development programme, this gives participants the opportunity to:

  • Practise skills with a professional actor
  • Get emotional and technical feedback
  • Benefit from stop-starting the conversation and rewinding to a specific learning point
  • Practise challenging conversations in a safe and secure environment
  • Build on their strengths and development areas
  • Gain confidence when preparing to tackle important issues and situations at work
  • Observe the power of body language and impact

This can be particularly effective when developing skills in the areas of:

  • Performance conversation and appraisals
  • Coaching and influencing
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills

If you want an event really brought to life then a highly interactive, entertaining piece of forum theatre which reflects the culture of your organisation can be a truly memorable experience. This can be particularly effective with:

  • Employee conferences
  • Internal communications events
  • Product launches
  • Major training programmes

‘We used Maximum Performance to design and deliver leadership skills for our people managers at LEGOLAND Windsor. We were pleased with the structured approach which provided a parallel process to our Team Leader training activities. Maximum Performance also helped incorporate some new training techniques we wanted to try such as Forum Theatre. This part of the session was fun and energetic. It provided a powerful and memorable alternative to role play with excellent feedback from our managers.’
– Head of Learning & Development, Legoland

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