Action learning sets

Properly managed, action learning sets can work very well, particularly within a structured management development programme.

Benefits can include:

  • Learning a more ‘disciplined’ way of working
  • Gaining increased self-confidence
  • Learning to network
  • Gaining increased awareness of self and others
  • Learning to relate to, and communicate with, others more effectively
  • Gaining increased readiness to take responsibility and initiative
  • Learning to take responsibility for one’s own personal development

We’re big fans of action learning sets but they do have to be managed carefully. Setting clear rules at the outset is essential, as are regular monitoring and access to feedback and support. Otherwise it is all too easy for action learning sets either to run out of steam or to become dominated by just one or two members of the group doing all the work and the others ‘coasting’.

To discuss whether action learning sets are right for a particular project within your organisation, and how best to set them up, or whether an alternative approach might be better, please just give us a call on
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