360° reviews can be used for a variety of purposes, of course, but we tend to use them mainly in conjunction with a structured development programme. They’re a great way of identifying development priorities and setting a baseline against which to evaluate return on investment.

We use possibly the most innovative online assessment tools available on the market today, with a successful track record around the globe and now translated into more than 30 languages. They’re cost-effective, easy-to-use, research-based, off-the-shelf (or customised if you prefer) and thoroughly validated.

The tools measure and identify strengths and development needs for individual and team effectiveness and can be used at all levels within your organisation:

  • Board / senior leaders – see ExecutiveView360, below
  • Leaders – LeaderView360, below
  • Managers – ManagerView360, below
  • Individuals – PerformanceView360 below and, specifically for emotional intelligence, EIView360, below

If you already have a competency framework, or a more specific 360° feedback requirement, then CustomView360 is the right choice for you.

The tools can be used for many different purposes, including:

  • Career development
  • Coaching
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership assessment
  • Management development
  • Performance management
  • Personal development
  • Self-awareness
  • Talent management
  • Team development

Here’s a brief overview of each tool (with links to downloadable sample reports), how they work and how much they cost. See a few mini-case studies here. And please don’t hesitate to call us on 01582 714280 if you have any questions.


Specifically designed for use with board members and senior leaders, ExecutiveView360 assesses 22 critical competencies required for effective senior leadership in today’s organisations. The competencies are in four areas, based on job profiling of executive positions for talent management systems:

  • Performance leadership
  • Change leadership
  • Interpersonal leadership
  • Personal leadership

ExecutiveView360 provides a comprehensive summary feedback report comparing senior executive self-perceptions to those of Board Members, managers, direct reports, peers and team members.

ExecutiveView360 is a comprehensive tool for rigorous, in-depth report of strengths and developmental needs for senior executives and leaders in all industries. It is aimed at senior executives who would prefer a more detailed analysis and comprehensive development tool. With explicit information and appropriate feedback senior level executives can become extraordinary leaders within their organisations.

Download a sample ExecutiveView360 report here.

LEADERview 360

Specifically designed for use with middle to senior managers, LeaderView360 assesses 35 critical leadership behaviours in 7 core competencies required for effective leadership in today’s organisations:

  • Communicating
  • Controlling
  • Leading
  • Managing relationships
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-management

LeaderView360 provides a powerful, graphical report which is easy to analyse and feed back. It includes a practical Individual Effectiveness Plan with active coaching notes. The top and bottom five behaviours are detailed for each staff group and developmental recommendations are suggested. Comparison notes are also available for before-and-after scenarios to show performance changes over time.

LeaderView360 provides a concise and brief assessment focusing exclusively on critical leadership behaviours required for competitive performance. LeaderView360 is ideal for leadership development training programmes and to support the developmental planning of corporate performance evaluation systems.

Download a sample LeaderView360 report here.

MANAGERview 360

A comprehensive tool for rigorous in-depth reporting of strengths and developmental needs, ManagerView360 is aimed primarily at middle managers but is also appropriate for (a) anyone with line management responsibilities (eg, supervisors) and (b) senior managers who want to review a wider range of competencies than is covered by LeaderView360.

Based on extensive job analyses of managerial positions in diverse industries, ManagerView360 assesses 100 different behaviours in 20 critical managerial competencies required for effective leadership and managerial effectiveness in 4 broad areas:

  • Leadership/performance management
  • Interpersonal
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving

ManagerView360 is a tool for rigorous, in-depth reporting of strengths and developmental needs and provides a comprehensive summary feedback report.

ManagerView360 is ideal for use in management coaching, supervisory training, management development programmes, and to support the developmental section of corporate performance evaluation systems.

Download a sample ManagerView360report here.


By comparing the employee’s perception with those of their supervisor, peers and team members, PerformanceView360 provides an objective summary of non-supervisory or non-management staffs’ strengths and areas for development in 14 critical competencies required for competitive performance in 3 areas:

  • Project / task management
  • Interpersonal / team
  • Communication

PerformanceView360 is designed for non-supervisory and non-management personnel and can be used for all professional, technical, and administrative employees working either as independent contributors or as part of a team within your organisation.

PerformanceView360 is ideal for use in coaching, skills-based training programmes, succession/talent management programmes, career development and to support the developmental section of corporate performance evaluation systems.

Download a sample PerformanceView360 report here.

EIview 360

Designed for employees at all levels, this tool is based on the latest conceptual models of Emotional Intelligence and provides the insight required to enhance relationship management skills by giving feedback on interpersonal, social, and communication competencies.

EIView360 assesses 74 different behaviours in 17 critical managerial competencies required for effective leadership and managerial effectiveness in 3 broad areas:

  • Communication
  • Relationship management
  • Self-management

The comprehensive feedback report is designed to enhance both self-awareness and relationship management skills. It helps individuals to recognise, understand and manage their interpersonal behaviour and emotions effectively. Emotional IntelligenceView360 is suitable for coaching, leadership and professional development programmes.

EIView360 was developed by Dr Kenneth M Nowack, a US-licensed psychologist and researcher in the area of 360° feedback and emotional intelligence. Dr Nowack is a member of Dr Daniel Goleman’s Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organisations (Dan Goleman being the pioneering author of Emotional Intelligence, which was on the New York Times bestseller list for 18 months).

Download a sample EIView360 report here.

CUSTOMview 360

For clients looking for a complete customised approach, CustomView360 takes any existing competencies and questions and converts them into a web-based questionnaire, administration system and feedback reporting system all branded for the client. The reports can include coaching guides and development plans.

CustomView360 can handle single or dual rating scales with feedback possible from any number of client-defined rater types. E-mail instructions and website text are completely customizable. Choose from a range of standard on-line questionnaire and report options or we can work with you to create a report format to match your requirements or existing design guidelines, incorporating your logo and corporate colours.

The secure web system is fully automated, taking away many of the manual interventions associated with running a 360º feedback project. Data is collected on-line, e-mails are sent to each participant and then to each respondent upon nomination. Reminder e-mails are also sent ahead of the deadline, with reports available in PDF format once the deadline has passed. Administrators have access to a real-time tracking system to monitor completion status.

We can advise you on questionnaire design, administrative procedures and potential pitfalls for all stages of your project. All our services are carried out with strict security, and participation is completely private and confidential.

Download a sample CustomView360 report here.

How much does 360° feedback cost?

Ease of use is one of the guiding principles behind our 360° feedback tools and we have followed this through with our transparent pricing structure.

Support service
Customising the questionnaire and report entails a one-off cost of £1,200 for the standard reports (LeaderView, ManagerView, PerformanceView and EmotionalIntelligenceView). For the CustomView option we would need to discuss your particular requirements first before confirming the set-up price.

Guidance and administration / project management / follow-up services
Additional support can be provided on a bespoke basis and is charged at £1,250 per day for lead consultant support or £250 per day for bureau support. Call us to discuss your requirements and we can tell you what level of cost to expect.

Pay per use
You then pay for the number of feedback reports you need each year, on a sliding scale:

  • 1 – 100 reports: £99 each
  • 101 – 200: £95 each
  • 201 – 500: £89 each
  • 501 – 1000: £85 each
  • 1001 – 2000: £79 each
  • 2001 or more: £75 each

(Discounts available if bought in conjunction with a Maximum Performance development programme).

All reports are provided as pdfs. If required, we can colour print and bind them for you too, at an additional cost of £10 per report.


All our assessment tools come from the ViewSuite range, developed and published by ConsultingTools.

The ViewSuite tools were developed by ConsultingTools USA (now Envisia Learning, based in California), headed up by Dr Kenneth M Nowack, a US-licensed psychologist and Co-Founder, President and Chief Research Officer of Envisia. Ken Nowack has over twenty years of experience in the development and validation of assessment instruments, organisational surveys, questionnaires, simulations, and tests. He has conducted research and published extensively in the areas of 360° feedback, stress management, executive coaching, assessment centres, training needs assessment, and evaluation. He is the author of numerous assessment instruments and interactive software programs and is a member of Daniel Goleman’s Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organisations.

Why do we favour these particular tools? Maximum Performance were asked by one of their biggest clients to recommend a 360° feedback tool. After much research they identified the ViewSuite range as undoubtedly the best on the market.

ConsultingTools UK was launched in 2001 to provide products and services for consultants and business professionals working with individuals, teams and organisations. ConsultingTools publish a range of tools in the UK which are sold through licensed distributors around the world. The company is ISO9001-accredited and a member of the British Test Publishers Association.

360° support spectrum

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To discuss which 360º review tool and which approach would best suit your particular situation, please just give us a call on 01582 714280 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options.