The toolbox

Every client is different. And so is every project. Each one calls for a different set of skills, tools and techniques. We list some of them here, to give an idea of some of the elements that might go into a programme for your organisation. Just follow the links for a brief description of each tool, why and how we use it.

360° reviews
Actor-based workshops
Away-days / conferences
Blended learning
Competency frameworks
Corporate video
Evaluation and assessment Facilitation
Launch / completion events
Learning reviews and diaries
Performance review processes
Psychometric profiles
Skills workshops
Team-building activities
Team projects
Training needs analysis

But this is only a partial list and, to change metaphors, these ingredients don’t necessarily give you a great idea as to the overall menu or your chosen dish, so do please give us a call on 01582 714280 to talk through what we might cook up for you.