Time and priority management in a day!

‘We cannot manage time; we can only manage ourselves’. This adage is very true, and this time management training course helps you to focus on things that are in your control, so that you can influence the outcome.

Time is a precious resource that we can lose sight of when we are focusing elsewhere. Most people will want to steal some of your time – sometimes without you knowing – and you need to be assertive in order to regain control.

This training course will enable you to take a step back from the day-to-day pressures and will give you an opportunity to review your environment and understand where your time is being spent and what to do about it, and become a time management expert!

Learning objectives

This time management training workshop will help you:

  • Appreciate where your time is being spent
  • Identify what is in / out of your control
  • Identify your time stealers
  • Look at to-do lists – are they good or frustrating?
  • Understand how to correctly prioritise
  • Separate ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ tasks and know where to focus
  • Learn to overcome procrastination
  • Focus on what is important and get ‘in the zone’
  • Learn about the OATS principle and apply it
  • Use delegation strategies to get the best from your people
  • Learn from time management case studies
  • Build a personal action plan to commit to making a change

This very popular workshop / training course is relevant to anyone who feels that there is not enough time in the day, and needs professional time management training to become more productive in the workplace. Everyone wants something from you and the deadlines are just not manageable! This training course is suited to you no matter what level you work at – you could be a PA or project manager, a director or a front-line supervisor. Whatever your role, if you want to be more productive and manage your time more effectively, this workshop is for you!


This tried-and-tested one-day training course / workshop is based around a series of exercises that are aligned to your place of work. You will get the opportunity to work with others and share experiences and top tips. The time log completed as pre-work will help you investigate the causes and effect of where your time is going, and become most effective when you start to implement your new time management skills training in the workplace.

'Pre-work' training

You will be asked to complete a Time Log – for at least 3 days – before you attend the workshop that you must bring with you if you want to get the best out of the day. It is not onerous. It is an essential first step in knowing who is taking up your time and the reasons for it, and whether you or others are the instigators.

‘Brilliant’ trainer!

This workshop was designed, and is delivered, by Cyrus Cooper, Managing Director of Maximum Performance and author of Brilliant Workshops.


See what other people have said about this very popular time management programme:

‘Great course!’
‘The hints and tips were pertinent and memorable.’
‘The course made me think about priorities and time management.’
‘It was very insightful.’
‘It absolutely will enable better time and priority management.’
‘I found the course very helpful and enjoyed learning the tools that can help me stay on top.’
‘It was good to take the time out to think about my own needs and goals and meet others who struggle in the same way as me.’
‘Everyone can gain from this course.’
‘Found the course very useful and the trainer was fantastic – just the right level of knowledge and focusing on application to my role.’
‘Very pleased with the outcome of this course. I felt the trainer was very pleasant and approachable and the course itself was really saying that the reason why you have time management issues is that you allowed these issues to develop yourself and that you need to be able to say ‘no’.’
‘The trainer was really great.’

Time and priority management in a day! workshop outline

1 Welcome and introduction
  • Participants are welcomed to the programme and invited to share their personal objectives and workplace challenges
  • Participants are given a personal action plan template to complete throughout the workshop


2 What am I like?
  • The Time Trap questionnaire
  • Where your time goes
  • Your personal time stealers
  • Your time – you v others’ perception


3 Planning effectively
  • The ‘to-do’ list – pros and cons
  • How do you prioritise?
  • The urgent / important matrix
  • The changes you need to make


4 Time management theories
  • Your time log
  • The procrastination quiz
  • The FLOW model
  • The OATS principle


5 Reactive or proactive?
  • Delegating effectively
  • Time management case studies
  • Emotion v logic


6 Review and action plans
  • How you can save up to an hour a day
  • Top tips


Download workshop outline here.

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