Presentation skills in a day!

This is a programme designed for a company that wants to get the best out of their employees. From the basics of effective communication to advanced presentation skills, this programme is structured to steadily develop the soft skills of each attendee, increasing their ability to persuade, impact and influence.

Learning objectives

This workshop will help you:

  • Gain perspective and insight on your personal style of presentation
  • Through simple methods and techniques, create a dynamic environment that emphasises your message
  • From the basics to advanced, learn how to read and utilise body language, and combat ‘stage fright’
  • Learn how to deliver with gravitas through a straightforward methodology and easy to follow techniques
  • Show passion in your presentation as well as clear insight to your subject in order to win over the client
  • Engage with your audience from start to finish. Understand their needs and expectations
  • Create a compelling communication style, in a way that exudes authority, charisma and rapport
  • Reconstruct complex content to become inspirational storytelling
  • Vocal coaching to ensure you deliver with a voice that has a powerful tone, pitch and pace
  • Increase confidence under pressure through an advanced system for handling challenging situations

This course is suitable for all levels of employees within a corporation where communication is paramount to the success of the business.


This one-day programme has been developed for organisations who require a tailor made solution to fit the specific needs of individuals within their team. In terms of personal development, this course guarantees a significant improvement in the communication skills of each attendee.

Expert trainer

This workshop was designed, and is delivered, by Susie Ashfield.

Presentation skills in a day! workshop outline

1 Presentation: what’s it all about?
  • Exercise: …Two truths and a lie, audience reaction in 3 words, hot seating: mock presentation
  • Introduction to the power players (video examples: Obama, Putin, etc.)
  • Evaluating the requirements of your audience
  • Individual modes of impact: what we say and how we say it
  • Merhabian circles: the impact of communication


2 Evaluation and feedback
  • The perception gap: a deconstruction from head to toe
  • Energy levels: what percentage are you at?
  • Making it stick: the six principles of sticky ideas (Dan & Chip Heath)
  • Exercise: absorbed actions (Johari window)
  • Mirror neurons: creating a dynamic environment
  • Motivating activity (the call to action)


3 Vocal power and body language
  • Discovering your natural voice
  • The toolbox: breathing, volume, pitch, pace, tone
  • – The power of pausing, emphasis and structure
    – Understanding your own style, adding drama, creating impact

  • Finding the voice of a leader: speaking with authority
  • Exercises
  • – The toolbox: hands, volume, pausing, eye contact, expression
    – Energy levels: what percentage are you at?
    – Speaking from the heart: finding the emotion in your content
    – Fighting tension: breathing exercises to combat ‘stage fright’


4 Key message assessment
  • Finding your core message: problem, situation, solution
  • Telling the story: the power of the unexpected and visual imagery that sticks
  • Making it personal: finding the emotion in dry and complex content


5 Investing in the delivery
  • Combining all the techniques
  • – Demonstrating your own personal style of delivery
    – The key to charisma (the theory of charisma)
    – Speaking insightfully
    – Finding the emotion in your content

  • Interviewing, Q&As and curve ball questions
  • Exercise: the energy levels / pantomime play
  • Connect to impact
  • – Adding humour
    – Optimising synchronisation and timing
    – Demonstrating awareness


6 Action planning
  • Exercise: Identify specific actions to enhance your presentation style
  • Exercise: Personal action planning


Download workshop outline here.

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