Outstanding performance management

A two-day adventure in how to become an outstanding performance manager with a performance-driven mentality.

If you want to establish or maintain a rigorous culture of performance management – one that holds people accountable whilst still empowering them and encouraging growth – you need to focus on the people in your organisation who have the strongest influence over people’ performance, ie, the managers. This programme will help transform your ‘line’ managers into ‘outstanding performance’ managers, totally focused on their role and responsibilities in driving performance.

Learning objectives

The participants will come away from this event with:

  • Increased ability to motivate, influence and persuade others
  • Increased focus on the different needs of poor and strong performers
  • The ability to create the right environment for outstanding performance
  • An action plan for developing a more dynamic leadership style
  • The prospect of greater retention of high-performing and high potential staff

The over-riding objective is that every participant will in future deploy exceptional performance-management focus as a matter of course during every working day.


This unique programme is designed for those who already have some experience of people management, to help them drive the performance of those they manage to outstanding levels.


This two-day masterclass is highly interactive, with participants being introduced to leading-edge tools and approaches to explore real performance management situations and work towards achieving outstanding results.

Outstanding performance management workshop outline

Day One
1 Your role as a manager of performance
  • Identifying good and poor performance
  • Your responsibilities as a manager
  • Identifying the key skills of performance management


2 Developing a dynamic leadership style
  • Identifying appropriate styles of leadership
  • Applying the right styles for your team
  • Managing performance through change


3 Developing high team performance
  • Exploring the dynamics of a high-performing team
  • Communicating your vision
  • Encouraging the right values and behaviours
Day Two
4 Motivating for results
  • Influencing individual behaviour
  • Tapping into personal drivers
  • Identifying persuasion techniques


5 Coaching for performance
  • Identifying strong performance in others
  • Performance coaching defined
  • Coaching to develop behaviours


6 Holding people accountable for performance
  • Challenging motivation and capability
  • Tackling performance reviews
  • Setting remedial targets and development plans

Download workshop outline here.

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