Meetings and how to run them

Microsoft’s Office Personal Productivity Challenge drew responses from more than 38,000 people worldwide, showing that the average employee spends almost six hours each week in meetings and that 69% of those meetings are unproductive. Ineffective meetings were in the top three productivity pitfalls (along with unclear objectives and lack of team communication). How much time is being wasted in your organisation as a result of poorly managed meetings? And how little time it would take to put it right! This half-day programme shows the way.

Learning objectives

Having attended this event participants will be better able to:

  • Chair effective meetings with purpose and direction
  • Write an agenda which sets the objectives and tone of the meeting
  • Avoid common problems by planning and preparing for the meeting effectively
  • Deal with dysfunctional behaviours
  • Structure and control the meeting so that objectives are achieved in the time available

All staff who need to chair meetings, at whatever level.


This intensive half-day course is based upon a series of short formal presentations interspersed with practical exercises, giving all participants the opportunity to apply the key principles learnt through a range of activities.

Meetings and how to run them workshop outline

1 Introductions and objectives
  • Introductions and objectives


2 Your role as chairman
  • Recognising the functions of the meeting
  • Understanding your role as chairman
  • Key steps in running a successful meeting


3 Planning and preparing
  • How to write effective agendas
  • Activity: writing an agenda
  • Getting everything ready for the meeting


4 Structuring and controlling
  • Getting the introduction right
  • Techniques for facilitating meetings
  • Dysfunctional behaviours and how to deal with them
  • Activity: facilitating a meeting


5 Summary and close
  • Review of key learning points
  • Activity: action planning
  • Close


Download workshop outline here.

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