Management in a day!

To inspire, you need to be inspired!

Managing people doesn’t have to be difficult, but too many of us make it difficult for ourselves with our lack of focus, tools and techniques.

This very practical, hugely enjoyable, day will give you all the tools for the job and the opportunity to practise using them in a safe and supportive environment before using them for real back in the workplace.

Learning objectives

This workshop will help you:

  • Understand what management is all about
  • Engage and inspire a team to perform
  • Recognise the variety of management and team leadership styles appropriate for different situations
  • Provide clear direction on your team’s purpose, role and responsibilities
  • Motivate those who report to you
  • Hold them accountable for delivery
  • Hold performance conversations
  • Prepare a clear action plan

Above all, the workshop will inspire you with the desire and determination to in turn inspire the people you manage to greater levels of achievement.


Managers, team leaders and supervisors have all benefited from this tried-and-tested programme.


This one-day workshop focuses on creating awareness, developing attitudes and beliefs and embedding newly acquired skills and behaviours as habits. It is highly interactive, very powerful – and great fun!

Management in a day! workshop outline

1 What’s it all about?
  • Exercise: Think about a time when…
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Producing results
  • Managing teams
  • Developing individuals


2 Your role as a team leader
  • Your role
  • Your team’s role
  • What value do you add by being a team?
  • Exercise: The Tuckman model of team stages
  • What type of team do you need to be?


3 Your management / team leader style
  • The ‘shadow of a leader’ concept
  • – Leaders automatically cast a shadow over their people
    – Their shadow is their impact
    – Self-awareness is crucial to understanding this impact
    – With self-awareness you can then choose to cast either a positive or negative shadow

  • The ‘iceberg’ concept – What sits beneath our waterline is the key to understanding our behavioural drivers
  • Exercises
  • – What would you like people to be saying about you and the way you lead / manage them?
    – What type of manager / team leader do you want to be?
    – What type of team do you want to create?
    – What team culture do you want to champion?


4 Motivating for results
  • How to motivate and engage others
  • Team vision
  • Exercise: prepare a ‘60 second team vision’


5 Holding people accountable
  • The work cycle model of team performance
  • – Agree purpose
    – Set objectives
    – Monitor performance
    – Provide feedback

  • Conversations that deliver
  • Exercise: Establishing the different CONTENT (what needs to be said) and BEHAVIOURS (how to do it) needed at each stage to have a successful conversation
  • Exercise: Practise some short conversations
  • The three steps to assertiveness


6 Action planning
  • Exercise: Identify specific actions to create your own high-performing team
  • Exercise: Personal action planning


Download workshop outline here.

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