From team member to team leader

Have you thought about what happens when you have your first management role? You may have been working away quite happily as part of a team and now the opportunity has arisen where you may have to manage the people you were once your colleagues / friends. Organisations constantly give people their first line management role because the individual has been identified as being good at their day job, not necessarily being good with people. People skills are a very different skillset to process and tasks. This 1-day introduction makes you think about the challenges ahead, and whether managing people is right for you. There are many people who are in management positions who shouldn’t be! Not because they are bad at it (well, sometimes!) but because they just wanted to be good at their role, and then they become the ‘reluctant manager’.

Managing people can be the best job in the world, or the worst. No-one tells you what it’s like until you find out for yourself! ‘You’ll be fine’ is all you may get. You now have the opportunity to find out in advance! This can save you and your organisation time, effort and stress.

Learning objectives

This workshop will help you:

  • Identify the people challenges facing you
  • Breakdown the role of the manager
  • Identify your management styles and when to use them
  • Understand that management isn’t a popularity contest!
  • To hold difficult conversations
  • Set the expectations for your new team
  • Explore motivations – yours and your team
  • Know how to measure whether you are a good people manager

Above all, this workshop will help you to explore if managing people is right for you and will get you prepared to have those first conversations.


Anyone who has just moved into their first team leader role or who is planning to in the near future.


This workshop is for anyone who is thinking about moving into their first team leader or line management role. A one-day workshop, this day is limited to a maximum of 10 participants, so individuals get a mix of team and 1:1 time with the facilitator.

Expert trainer

Cyrus Cooper, Managing Director of Maximum Performance, is an exceptional international trainer, facilitator and coach. He specialises in helping managers to focus on their role and responsibilities with the aim of getting great results with the people they manage.

He has helped organisations in both the public and private sectors to increase their performance through a range of interventions covering leadership challenges, motivational management and corporate and executive 1:1 coaching.

From team member to team leader workshop outline

1 Welcome and introduction
  • Participants are welcomed to the workshop, understanding aims and objectives
  • Participants are given an action plan template to complete throughout the workshop


2 What’s it all about then?
  • Your personal challenges
  • Your previous managers – what have you learnt?
  • Do you want to manage others, or have to manage others?
  • The shift from friend to manager
  • The role of the people manager
  • Your personal manager profile

    3 Do I have the skills?
    • What skills are needed?
    • What personal attributes are required?
    • How do I measure up?


    4 Creating the right environment
    • Types of management styles
    • Setting expectations
    • Motivating your team
    • The balance between doing and managing


    5 The challenges ahead
    • Holding tough conversations
    • Your ‘challenging’ team members and how to deal with them
    • Managing yourself through all this


    6 Review
    • So you still want to manage people?
    • Your personal manager profile
    • Your first 30 days
    • Your action plan

    Download workshop outline here.

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