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Planning a Management Development Programme?

Then spend some time online with us – and with your peers – to get some inspiration, seek advice, share your thoughts.

From Monday 25 March to Friday 19 April 2019 (extended)

It’s also a great opportunity to sample a social learning programme for real – in your own time and at your own speed. With bite-sized pieces of content that takes minutes to view, it just needs a couple of hours spread over the course of a fortnight at the end of March.



Cyrus Cooper, Managing Director of Maximum Performance, will be facilitating a ‘mini-MOOC’ about how to plan a management development programme.

It’s free of charge – and you’re invited!


  • If you’re contemplating a development programme for your organisation, it will help you decide whether to design and deliver your own or whether to look for an external provider
  • If you decide to do your own thing, it will give you a few tools and techniques and some sample exercises that you’re free to take away and use as you see fit
  • If you decide to look for an external provider, it will give you a checklist of points to consider
  • If you’re looking for inspiration, it’s an opportunity to pick Cyrus’s brain on the subject – and to share experiences with your peers

And it’s also an opportunity for you to sample a ‘live’ social learning programme.


From Monday 25 March to Friday 19 April 2019. There are no set times – join us in your own time, at your own speed. Allow a couple of hours over the ten days.


Anyone who has responsibility for management development training in their organisation.


We’re using the social learning platform Curatr for this session.

Curatr is a social learning platform that helps to bridge the gap between formal and informal learning. It brings the 70 (experience) and 20 (learning from others) from the 70-20-10 framework into the learning mix. We provide the learners with small pieces of content and ask them to process this information and respond by sharing their own experiences, content, or opinions.

Subject matter experts – in this instance, Cyrus Cooper – help to define the key learning points and provide bite-sized pieces of thought-provoking content to build the programme. They then facilitate the discussions.

Curatr drives efficiency and productivity because learners can learn at their own pace, dipping in and out of the programme as it suits them, in their own time and environment. This leads to better performance as they learn in the context of work and each other’s experiences and opinions.

See more under ‘How to register’, below.

The facilitator

Cyrus Cooper

Cyrus Cooper_b+wCyrus, Managing Director of Maximum Performance, is an exceptional international trainer, facilitator and coach. He specialises in helping managers to focus on their role and responsibilities with the aim of getting great results with the people they manage.

He is particularly experienced in the design and delivery of management development programmes.

See his full profile here and, by way of a sample, his ‘flagship’ management development programme here.

Programme outline

Planning a Management Development Programme? programme outline

1 Welcome

Getting to know each other and why we’re all here.

  • Introduction (Cyrus) – video
  • Introductions (participants) – via ‘questions’
  • Six areas to think about when planning an MDP (video case studies; Cyrus Q&A)


2 Why invest in an MDP?

Will an MDP deliver what you want and how will you know? In this level we will talk about the business case for an MDP and understanding your audience.

  • Justify the need – video
  • Measuring manager performance – case study
  • Thinking differently – animation
  • People v Process – voice-over presentation
  • What makes a good people manager? – animation video
  • Doing things differently – YouTube video + facilitated discussion
  • Reflections on session 2


3 What’s stopping you?

Why haven’t you done this before now? What are the barriers? Where’s the resistance? Who do you need to persuade?

  • What barriers do you see in your organisation? – animation video
  • Forcefield analysis – voice-over presentation + downloadable Word template
  • Resources – sharing opportunity, via uploads and downloads
  • Reflections on session 3


4 Approaches to an MDP

See what’s worked for other organisations.

  • Case study from one organisation on ‘how we approached it’ and what worked well? – filmed interview
  • Sample approaches – voice-over presentation
  • In-house or open programme? – video
  • Resources – sharing opportunity, via uploads and downloads
  • Review – what have you learned? What other questions do you have?
  • Conclusion and top tips – video + PDF



Cyrus has run similar sessions in the past, for hundreds of L&D professionals, either as open days or as webinars. See what people have said about them:
I found the day very enlightening, especially in terms of the methodology and approach to delivering training in a way where participants feel ‘wow, that was written for me!’. Also found ‘how to evaluate training’ has maximum impact, very helpful.

Good balance of input and participation. Good input of theory / evidence / stats and plenty of time for useful discussion. Particularly appreciated the input from the guest client presentation – an honest, valuable sharing of the organisation’s experience. Very useful.

Energetic delivery – obviously passionate about the topic. Lots of time for group discussion and learning.

Highly interactive event. Great to be able to share and learn new ideas.

Great facilitator.

Excellent insight into the working and reasoning behind a successful MDP programme. Well delivered with great content, emphasising learning and ownership.

Cyrus’s delivery was inspiring and motivating and Isobel was a great advocate.

Gave a good insight into some of the key things to think about when planning a programme.

An excellent opportunity for reflection and to carefully consider the type of programme that will positively impact our organisation.

Lots of energy in the delivery. Thought-provoking and prompted some ideas. Good to mix with others.

Great interaction and exercises to help gauge other organisations and how they deal with management training. Particularly useful to see bigger picture – now we need to turn learning and what are business training gaps into a management course which is supported by our organisation.

Interactive, informative and enjoyable. Made me look at the need for the MDP in a different way.

A thought-provoking introduction to implementing an MDP. A course that prompts you to start asking the right questions.

Good energy from the trainers. Not too ‘salesy’. It was good to work with other HR / L&D professionals for the day.

Made me think about current practice and strategic position within the organisation and opportunities to change that.

How to register

To enroll on this 2-week programme click on this link to create your free Curatr account.

Once registered, select Public Courses, click on the Planning a management development programme course arrow and select Enrol to this course.

Congratulations, you are now enrolled!

The programme will be greyed out until the programme start date (25 March), so save the web page link as a favourite until then. On or after 25 March, to get started, just click on Level 1 – Welcome and select the Cyrus’ Welcome object.

Each object will contain a short piece of content for you to watch or read. There will also be a question for you to complete. The questions are there to enable you to share your opinions and experiences with other attendees and, of course, with Cyrus. By responding to these questions, you can also ask Cyrus any questions that you may have.

If you have any technical problems accessing or completing the programme, download a more detailed set of instructions, here, or please contact: