Honest conversations

Giving and receiving feedback – with confidence, grace & clarity

Few of us are naturals when it comes to having honest conversations, especially around giving and receiving feedback.

We struggle to find a path between being too direct and confrontational, as against softening our message so much that it gets lost in an emotional fog.

We need to structure information in a non-emotive way, giving clear feedback and delivering messages with empathy and compassion. We need a toolkit we can use on a day-to-day basis to build an honest, open working culture with those who report to us – and, indeed, with those to whom we report. This very popular programme is the answer.

What do you get_placeholder


‘Very good and practical.’

‘Informative and helpful.’

‘Helps to make you more aware of the techniques you can use to discuss issues with staff/colleagues and improve performance.’

‘It’s a good way to think about what the other person may be feeling.’

‘Relevant content and interesting concepts.’

‘Interactive and interesting.’

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