Dealing with change

How to positively embrace change

Change happens! It’s pointless trying to ignore it or resist it – neither of these is an effective strategy for making your life easier or furthering your career.

We all need to embrace change positively. But that’s easier said than done.
This workshop will help. It’s an opportunity to understand how we’re all affected by change in different ways and to explore a range of possible responses to it.

You’ll leave the session with practical tools and techniques that enable you to embrace change in a way that promotes and sustains success, both organisationally and personally.

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‘Definitely digs deep and makes you think about yourself and others and how changes affects all people.’

‘Fun and informative but challenging in places.’

‘Fun and interesting way to learn about dealing with change.’

‘Go with an open mind and learn about what gets in the way of making change and how to overcome it.’

‘Helpful and informative with a fun structure.’

‘Interesting way to find out about change.’

‘It was informative and enabled me to reflect on the way I look at and deal with change.’

‘Learned a lot and interesting content.’

‘Useful opportunity to learn about tools to support change and for self-reflection on behaviours in relation to change.’

‘Very informative, easy to relate to real work life scenarios.’

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