Creativity and innovation

For all situations, from big breakthroughs to marginal gains

In an era of rapid change, organisations need their staff to be creative and innovative.

This isn’t just a matter of what we do but of how we do it – creativity is just as much a feature of ‘boring’ management process flows as ‘exciting’ product development. This means creativity and innovation aren’t simply nice-to-have skills – they’re essential for success at every level in every organisation.

While some people seem ‘naturally’ creative, in reality innovative thinking can be developed by anyone. This workshop provides a great introduction to the creative process. You’ll learn how to challenge existing thinking and generate new ideas – and how to make sure the best of them are captured and implemented.

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‘A good chance to stop and think about creativity and innovation with useful and applicable tips.’

‘A good opportunity to refresh yourself on some well-known creative ways of working but more importantly learn lots of new ones too.’

‘Creative models and a variety of ideas provided and discussed.’

‘Great course for generating and implementing, creative and practical ideas.’

‘Great ideas for ways to create creative-thinking.’

‘Helps a team at the start of the creative process.’

‘Promotes creative thinking and how to apply within your context.’

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