Communication skills

It’s good to talk – or is it?

Master the tools and techniques you need to communicate effectively, confidently and professionally in the workplace, whether writing emails, speaking over the phone (including conference calls) or meeting others face-to-face.

Learn how to express yourself even more concisely, precisely and clearly with a keen focus on knowing what you want to achieve, understanding the audience and considering the context.

The workshop focuses on the more challenging situations, such as when you need to be assertive, deliver bad news or win others over to your point of view.

What do you get_placeholder


‘Learnt a lot about personality types (about my own and how to identity and approach others).’

‘The course provides a good base of knowledge on communication skills that you can jump-start from.’

‘A great opportunity to discover your own communication style and learn how to best communicate with people who have other styles.’

‘A good interactive course that makes you think about your communication style.’

‘Interesting course with some practical suggestions to improve communication skills.’

‘A great insight into improving your communication skills.’

‘Great – excellent interactive style and activities which demonstrated accurately the problems of communication. Great videos as well. Very inclusive of all members of the group and encouraged interaction.’

‘Engaging, fun and informative.’

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