Change management

How to be a change agent as a manager, not a change blocker

Change is a given in any organisation today.

You can choose to lead it, go along with it or ignore it – but the last of these options is not a route to success. The best approach is to be positive and proactive, whether that’s in a context of organisation-wide strategic-level transformational change, or whether it’s a question of making changes within the areas of the organisation that are within your direct control.

This engaging and interactive workshop will take you on a journey exploring your role in driving and supporting change, the impact of change on the human brain, and the steps needed to bring about successful change.

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‘Clear delivery and practical content. Lots of take-aways.’

‘Excellent, helpful workshop which provided me with a good understanding of the processes of change management.’

‘Great balance of psychology behind resistance to change and how to acknowledge it and move forward.’

‘Great way of breaking down barriers to change and lots of techniques that can be taken into the workplace and used straight away.’

‘If you are thinking about making a change this course will give you the tools to facilitate it.’

‘It gave me good strategies to use to help with change.’

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