Management development programmes

Most of our management development programmes are run at middle and junior management level, since that’s generally where organisations have the greatest need. But every organisation is different, not just in terms of size and sector but also culture, learning needs and preferences, objectives and styles. We spend time getting to know our clients and understanding their management training requirements – sometimes helping them with a training needs analysis – before choosing the most appropriate ‘ingredients’ from which to assemble a management development programme that will satisfy their needs.

A sample bespoke management development programme

For a typical group size of 8-12 people, a 12-month management training and development programme might include a bespoke mix of different elements, such as:

A ‘launch’ event

A short day with all the participants to introduce the programme, set expectations, define aims and outcomes, demonstrate support and create a ‘buzz’ in order to secure participant commitment to it.

360° review

A 360° review, custom-built around your competency framework or values is a great starting point for a management development programme, since it not only helps ensure total focus on individual development needs but it also provides a benchmark, against which a return on investment can be evaluated at a later stage. However, such reviews are not for all organisations, so we sometimes use a psychometric profile instead.

One-to-one feedback sessions

Each participant should have one-to-one feedback based on their 360° report or profile, to help determine individual development objectives, ‘flush out’ any potentially challenging issues and, if possible, achieve some ‘quick wins’ in terms of behavioural change. This can be done before the launch event to build rapport between the facilitator and participant and to set the tone for the programme.

Development modules

(topic-led) – the number of modules, frequency and subject matter varies from client to client but the more popular topics include:

  • The role of the manager in XYZ Organisation – creating the XYZ manager profile
  • Understanding yourself and your impact on others – often using a profiling tool such as FACET5 / Insights / DiSC / MBTI, etc
  • Higher performing teams – how to manage your team so that it achieves excellence in service delivery, attitudes and behaviours
  • Honest conversations – an approach to holding people accountable and saying what you feel
  • Presentation skills – how to present yourself with confidence when speaking in front of others
  • Managing your time effectively – including effective delegation and why we don’t do it!
  • Managing change – how to manage yourself and your people in times of constant change
  • Coaching skills – how to get the best from your people


One-to-one coaching sessions

Can be used to support the modules. This enables participants to talk openly and confidently about their progress and challenges, using the modules as the foundations for the coaching support. A structured series of three two-hour sessions at each 1/3 can work well, although some clients prefer to have us run the intial management development programme without coaching and then use one-to-one coaching as a follow-up to help participants on the next stage of their career journey within the organisation.

Periodic ‘learning reviews’

To help maintain focus and momentum, we often suggest ‘learning review sessions’ at regular intervals during management training to help consolidate learning, review implementation and feed into development of subsequent modules. These sessions also form the basis of a review meeting between us and the client, to review performance and feedback and to agree any changes to the next phase of activities.

Projects and action learning sets

Setting participants a ‘live’ business project challenge ensures relevance and gives an opportunity to practice all the skills being developed on the programme. Action learning sets are a useful approach in this context. Projects can be presented to the Board or Senior Management Team at the ‘completion’ event.

360° review

A repeat of the initial exercise to compare the scores and feedback, so that everyone can evaluate progress and return on investment.

A ‘completion’ event

The whole team feedback on the 360° review to help reinforce key messages and identify other areas of development, etc. This is an upbeat way of marking the end of a management development programme and the start of the next phase of the participants’ development.

An ‘off-the-shelf’ solution

This is a fabulous programme – and we’re not the only ones to say that! Participants have described it as ‘fun’, ‘eye-opening’ and ‘great’. See more feedback in the online booklet, below, which gives full details of this unique development programme. Delivery options include:

  • entirely ‘off-the-shelf’, delivered by one of our team of expert trainers (and you can choose which one, of course, based on location, experience or best ‘fit’ with your organisation)
  • tailored slightly for your organisation (eg, dropping or adding modules according to the audience’s learning needs; using a different psychometric; tailoring materials to incorporate organisational vales, policies or processes, etc, etc)
  • bespoke but taking inspiration from the off-the-shelf programme, using it as a starting point for a conversation about your needs and objectives.

Full details are in the online booklet below (or download a printer-friendly version of the content here. If you have any questions, do please give us a call on 01582 714280 – we’re here to help!

MDP booklet cover (IN-HOUSE)

Not enough people to justify running an in-house programme? Then send them on the open programme instead. Or send one person to trial it first before you make a decision about an in-house programme. Feel free to give us a call to talk through the options.

An ‘off-the-shelf’ solution (Public Sector)

A highly practical approach to managing yourself and those around you in the context of a changing and increasingly uncertain and ambiguous environment.

This unique programme will help managers find ways to make every day management better and make a difference.

Aimed at public sector managers and leaders who line manage others, the programme takes a modular approach and gives participants plenty of tools and strategies for dealing with everyday challenges in the workplace. It provides the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences, reflect on their own, and benefit from the inspirational advice and guidance of your choice of expert trainer.

The programme has been designed with a number of delivery options in mind:

  1. It can be delivered for your organisation on an in-house basis, entirely ‘off-the-shelf’. We have a small team of specially selected trainers who all have experience of working in and with public service from whom you can take your pick (depending on location, experience or best ‘fit’ with your organisation).
  2. Or we can deliver a tailored version for you. This might mean dropping or adding modules according to the participants’ learning needs or level of responsibility; using pre work activities linked to your organisation’s impending change in structure and approach; tailoring materials to incorporate organisational values, policies or manager capabilities; or perhaps changing the format in some way – whatever will work best for your organisation.
  3. Or we can develop a completely bespoke programme for you. This might take some inspiration from the ‘flagship’ programme set out here, it might not – the choice is entirely yours.

Full details are in the online booklet below (or download a printer-friendly version of the content here. If you have any questions, do please give us a call on 01582 714280 – we’re here to help!

PS MDP booklet cover 2018-19

Mini case studies

See the following mini-case studies as examples of recent management development programmes:

  • Management development programme for Lancashire Group
  • Team and management development programme

Our management training and development programmes get great feedback. Give us a call on 01582 714280 to talk through how our approach might work for you.