‘Leadership’ means different things to different people. In this context, we’re talking about the Board and/or the Senior Management Team (depending on the size of the organisation). At this level, the key issues for us are very often practical ones – how to get everyone in the same room at the same time and on a regular basis. This is a basic requirement for a structured, modular programme but very often it is virtually impossible to achieve. And very often there’s another consideration – how to manage the egos in such a way as to facilitate a productive session that generates positive outcomes for everyone. As often as not, therefore, we advise against conventional leadership programmes at this level. Instead, most of our work for boards and senior teams tends to fall into the following distinct areas, with different solutions for each.

Leadership issues and how we can help you with them

Lack of clarity around vision, mission and strategic direction

This can generally be addressed by a ‘team identity’ session. It usually takes a day and is a technique that applies at any level – board, strategic business unit, function, team. See a sample workshop outline here.

Lack of knowledge in a specific area

We are sometimes asked to provide an external specialist viewpoint on a specific issue. This usually entails us making a ‘boardroom briefing’ presentation, often as part of a regular board meeting. Usually this is on a subject close to our hearts, such as advising on new performance management system options, but we have an extensive network of specialist associates who can deliver authoritative updates and briefings on a very wide range of subjects.

Lack of understanding of the role of the director and the board

Organisations change. Boards and directors must follow suit. This sometimes results in either new challenges or new teams at Board level. Our sister company, The In-House Training Company, has a range of corporate governance and director development training modules which we recommend in such situations. Topics include:

Lack of team effectiveness

The Board is a team, like any other. Unlike any other, however, it often has an imbalance of personality types. This leads to counter-productive tensions that no organisation can afford to tolerate. We have a variety of tools at our disposal to deal with this. The key to success in dealing with such problems is not so much the tool, however, as effective diagnosis of the problem. We can help with this too.

Lack of personal effectiveness

Not all directors are equal. Some newly appointed directors find it more difficult than expected to step up to the new role. And some experienced directors fail to appreciate the extent to which their ‘overdone strengths’ can have a negative effect on those around them. In both cases, we would recommend one-to-one executive coaching, preferably linked to use of a 360° review or psychometric. Click link to be added later to see how this works.

Lack of leadership skills

This is rarely a major problem at Board level, but whenever it’s a genuine issue we address it either collectively in a workshop format or individually with one-to-one executive coaching.

Whatever your Board’s or Senior Management Team’s development needs, we have the experience and ability to deal with them. Call us now on 01582 714280 to talk through the options before you make any decisions.