Leadership and management development programmes

The majority of our work involves the design and delivery of structured leadership, management, team and personal development programmes.

We offer flexibility around how a programme is delivered but our aim is always to ensure that learning is engaging and inspiring. We challenge programme participants to try new ways of doing things. This requires a strong degree of originality and creativity in everything we design and deliver. Sometimes this means using new tools and concepts, but just as often it can mean using traditional tools and techniques in an unexpected way.

Each leadership or management development programme is completely bespoke, in close co-operation with the client, in order to ensure that it meets the organisation’s aims and objectives. This requires a mutual awareness of the ways in which the programme can tie in with other activities within the organisation. There needs to be clarity at the outset as to our respective roles and responsibilities in relation to those activities. In the following diagram, the purple arrow represents the main thrust of our interventions, whilst the other activities that surround it will generally fall to the client to do (although, of course, we can support or deliver some of those activities too):


We are passionate about learning and this is clearly visible in our delivery style, which is highly inclusive, creative, motivational and, above all, engaging. We are experienced in taking a topic and making it accessible, enjoyable and relevant for programme participants with different learning styles, through a range of methods, tools and techniques.

Management development programmes at all levels

See how our approach works at different levels within an organisation:

Designing and delivering bespoke development programmes is central to what we do. To find out whether our approach would work for you please just give us a call on 01582 714280.