Organisational development – in the public sector

What is Organisation Development used for?

In the midst of Brexit, limited resources and increased expectations, the public sector faces ever more complex and demanding challenges. In order to meet these challenges, your people need to be engaged, high-performing; your organisation, effective. Are you struggling to navigate a clear path to the future due to the level of complexity and shifting sands around you? Is this lack of direction causing a lack of staff engagement, productivity and organisational inertia? Or are you responding to change by inspiring a top-down vision for your employees? Are you aware that this approach is fine for structures and procedures but really doesn’t work well to create sustainable change in ways of working, culture and staff effectiveness? It’s also much more likely to cause change fatigue.

Organisation Development (OD) is an expert approach to working with any type of strategic organisational change that will support you to create sustainable change with a real return on investment, ensuring long term transformation and effectiveness for your organisation. Organisational development has been addressing complex challenges for seven decades and in that time has built a wealth of empirical evidence in research and practice.

When might you use OD?

  • Changing strategic focus
  • Reorganising departments and structures, merging cultures
  • Changing processes
  • Multi-stakeholder delivery
  • Low staff morale or engagement
  • Difficulties in team dynamics, with interpersonal conflict (particularly, but not exclusively, Boards)
  • A lack of clarity or direction in the organisation
  • Workforce changes

How can we help you?

We promote high performance and quality. We increase profit through reduced costs and improved productivity and creativity, increase innovation through staff development and higher levels of engagement. We influence your culture to be open and adaptive to ongoing change.

OD values human potential and so our consultants work by first understanding systemic challenges from a range of stakeholders. We then work with key stakeholders in shaping change. We facilitate change in a flexible and participative way. We involve your organisation in understanding the challenge whilst enabling you with new skills and ways of thinking. We increase communication in the organisation, developing shared values and change strategies.

OD works through a continuous cycle of improvement, from strategy, through to implementation, evaluation and further change. We work sustainably, so change continues beyond the life of the initial consultancy.


Our thanks to Clare for writing this page.

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