Kate Young

Kate is recognised as an excellent communicator, trainer and coach. Her approach is centred on the people aspect of any situation and she encourages participants to look at situations through the eyes of others. She specialises in helping people to manage change and make it work for them around the following areas:

  • Managing and communicating change
  • Delivering excellent customer service
  • Management development
  • Personal development

Key areas of expertise

Kate’s focus is on clear communication which forms the basis of all successful interaction with others.

Her first-hand experience of communicating change in a variety of industries, together with her customer relations and public relations background in the water industry enable her to draw on real life situations as learning points – both good and bad. Kate’s open, sharing nature and flexible approach ensures lasting partnerships with her clients. Her training style is informal, participative and fun.

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Career highlights

Kate’s career began in the water industry in Customer and Public Relations. She specialised in communications, media relations and event management. People management experience followed, where she met the challenge of building a cohesive and self-managed team during a time of significant change in the industry. Also during this time she delivered management development training and coaching to first–line managers, senior managers and directors.

On leaving the water industry, Kate then joined a very successful consultancy company, where she spent six years as a communications and change consultant. She worked closely with clients in the transport, national health and energy retail sectors on major business change projects.

Kate set up her own practice as a freelance consultant in 2006, designing and delivering people management and ‘soft skills’ training whilst still maintaining her change communication specialism. She has worked with clients including RWE npower, Southern Water, UK Power Networks, the NHS and Autoglass.


‘Kate worked for AMT Sybex for a number of years and in that time undertook a wide variety of tasks for both our key customers and internally. Kate’s arrival at the company coincided with a realisation by senior management that, in order to retain our valued staff, we had to professionalise our whole approach to internal communication. We quickly recognised that Kate’s ability to coach us to effectively communicate and indeed her ability to motivate us to keep doing it when it seemed hard were invaluable. If you add to this her ability as a trained, professional facilitator, I am convinced we would not have enjoyed the success we did without her input. Many of our client organisations find the processes around change extremely challenging. They are predominantly heavy engineering based companies who are fantastic at problem solving and building solutions but find the effective communication needed to be extremely difficult. In her time with us Kate proved to be very well liked and highly regarded by our customer base.’
– Andy Miller, Group Managing Director, AMT Sybex

‘Kate proved invaluable in assisting the change of culture work we were doing. She added value with her thoughts, ideas, insights and experience in the clear, concise, constructive and collaborative approach she employed. Kate facilitated dialogue by the development of many strong working relationships throughout all tiers of our organisation. Communications across this wide spectrum is a key strength Kate utilised to the maximum. Her style of coaching, delivery of training and presentation of all associated materials, encapsulated the professionalism we desired.’ 
– Ian Mason, RWE npower

‘Kate – I would like to thank you for your support and experience in driving our project communication and change strategy; in particular the support you have given to me and the project team. You have delivered some great work for us. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and it goes without saying that you have been instrumental to our success.’
– Mark Andrews, Autoglass