Creating a coaching culture and developing coaching resources

A coaching culture will exist in your organisation if:

‘a coaching approach is a key aspect of how the leaders, managers and staff engage and develop all their people and engage their stakeholders, in ways that create increased individual, team and organisational performance and shared value for all stakeholders’
– Peter Hawkins, Creating a Coaching Culture, 2012

Our coaching consultancy approach

We firmly believe that just doing lots of coaching within your organisation isn’t enough. For a coaching culture to develop and be sustained, coaching needs to be valued and used purposefully throughout your business.

Benefits of a coaching culture:

  • More focus on developing your people
  • These people feel more trusted and valued
  • Greater openness and satisfaction within jobs
  • Increase in morale in the workplace

By adopting a coaching culture your organisation will be more able to have a significant impact on managing the performance and motivation of your workforce.

In organisations that recognise the value of coaching, managers will have the skills and ability to take a coaching approach to managing performance. In addition, these organisations will employ ‘offline coaching’, often using externally sourced coaches for leaders and senior managers.

Now, more than ever before, organisations are bringing coaching expertise in-house – placing less reliance on external coaches and developing a culture where coaching is used to engage and develop the people.

So, what does ‘developing a sustainable coaching culture’ really mean?

It means that:

  • A coaching approach is experienced at all levels within the organisation
  • Coaching is recognised and adopted throughout the organisation as ‘the way we do things around here’ rather than there being pockets of expertise and good practice here and there
  • Various degrees of sophistication of coaching delivery are occurring at all levels within the organisation, eg, a coaching approach to management, fully trained internal coaches, using specific communication skills of coaching in meetings, etc.
  • There is accountability and responsibility for enabling enhanced performance with the individual and their manager
  • Coaching is integrated into day-to-day processes, eg, annual appraisals, job descriptions, development plans, etc.

That said, developing a coaching culture is a journey with a destination that not all organisations want or need to arrive at.

Coaching culture 2

How we can work with you

Our coaching consultancy interventions are focused on helping you clearly understand:

  • Where you are, and
  • Where you need to be

By working closely with you we will develop your personal road map to help get you there, whether your ‘end point’ is a coaching culture or having confidence in how you select and use external coaches.

Initial discussions

Our first step is to meet with you and discuss your specific requirements. We will need to find out:

  • What is working for you now
  • What isn’t, and
  • What you want to achieve

You’ll also benefit from our experiences too and together we can develop a programme of how we can help integrate coaching at a level that is right for your organisation.

Depending on your needs, we can work with you in a number of ways:

  • Develop your coaching strategy
  • Engage and develop your leadership
  • Introduce a coaching approach to people management
  • Develop your internal coaching resource
  • Develop your external coaching resource
  • Evaluation
1. Develop your coaching strategy

To create your coaching culture you will need an agreed coaching strategy that fits your organisation and aligns with its current and future objectives.

For your strategy to succeed you’ll need the infrastructure to support it:

  • What will your internal and external coaching resource look like?
  • How will your leaders support it?
  • What does success look like?
  • How can it be measured?

We can help with this in several ways:

  • A facilitating and rapid action workshop where we spend a day with the sponsor and the other key individuals, helping shape and drive your coaching strategy
  • Running a strategy development session as part of the business planning process
  • Working with your HR / OD team to ensure your coaching aligns with organisation transformation programmes

Whatever type of intervention you choose, we’ll help you:

  • Define your outcomes
  • Develop the key stages of delivering the strategy to link directly to your overall business objectives
  • Identify ways to change your organisation’s culture to support it
2. Engage and develop your leadership

We can work with your leaders to actively engage them in your coaching culture, letting them see first-hand the benefits of coaching in their roles, and helping to integrate coaching into your leadership programmes.

We can do this in several ways:

  • Facilitating a master class on coaching contribution to organisation
  • Presenting a session on the benefits of coaching at a leadership away day Read more
  • Speaking at leadership / management away days and staff conferences on the advantages a coaching culture provides
  • Providing team coaching as part of leadership development Read more
3. Introduce a coaching approach to people management

Developing the systems, processes and managerial capability to use a coaching approach to performance management is fundamental to improving your business capacity and preparing your organisation for its future.

We can work with you to ensure coaching targets key business needs such as:

  • Maintaining staff morale and enhancing performance
  • Retaining high-performance staff and maximising contribution during the change programme
  • Improving motivation through more effective performance management and leadership
  • Developing the required knowledge, skills and competencies that are critical to current and future success
  • Managing talent to ensure the supply of future leaders of key business areas and projects
4. Develop your internal coaching resource

Using the International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies and our expertise we can help you design the selection and recruitment process for your internal coaching resource.

We’ll help you decide:

  • Where this resource is best used
  • How it is marketed within your organisation
  • How it may develop to support your future needs
5. Develop your external coaching resource

Managing your external coaching resource is as important as managing it internally.

We’ll work with you to define:

  • When it is appropriate
  • The selection criteria for your external coaches
  • And how they can complement your internal coaches
6. Evaluation

At each stage of working with you, we’ll be focused on how you can measure the difference coaching has made to your overall business objectives.

We can do this in many ways, including:

  • Your KPIs
  • Feedback on your coaches
  • Stakeholder feedback


  • A clear picture of what coaching will look like in your organisation and a strategy for achieving it.
  • A robust plan for developing and maintaining the quality of every coaching interaction in your organisation.
  • Evaluation made easier with processes in place to make the links between coaching and achieving your organisation’s objectives clearer in terms of strategic and operational gains and measures.

Our clients have also benefited from a host of tangible and intangible benefits including:

  • Improved business performance
  • Increased staff engagement
  • Performance ratings which reflect business performance
  • More effective meetings
  • Strong internal resources to assist with leadership programmes, development centres, etc.
  • High-performer attrition reduced
  • Lower performers given strong support and management to enhance performance and play to their strengths
  • Difficult messages delivered with clarity and confidence
  • Open and honest communication
  • Better performance management and talent development
  • Improved teamwork

Our coaching consultancy team

Our team of coach consultants are all qualified and practising coaches. In addition, they have held positions in organisations where a key function of their role was to create a coaching culture and they have successful track records of working with a number of organisations as external consultants. Their unique experience enables them to understand the challenges you experience working within the system and they can share best practice to ensure you have a solution that perfectly meets your needs.
Give us a call on 01582 714280 to talk through how our approach might work for you.