CRBhub online coaching management

Originally CoachNet, CRBhub is a proven online coaching management system to support a successful coaching culture in your organisation.

It’s widely recognised that coaching is invaluable in contributing to an organisation’s efficiency in developing its key resources: its people.

However, training alone is often not enough to ensure that your coaching culture will filter through the organisation to the point where it’s needed the most.

To help ensure this transition, we have worked closely with CRBhub to offer a proven online system that will hold your coaching system together, embed it in your organisation, and make it work.

CRBhub has been developed in close consultation with coaches working in the public, private and voluntary sectors, and delivers the following benefits for your organisation:

  • A profile-based search facility allowing coachees to make contact with appropriate coaches and request relationships
  • A full relationship management facility allowing coaches/coachees to schedule meetings, share information and review their achievements
  • A mechanism to gather and aggregate evaluation data from participants for an accurate measure of success
  • Automatic generation of graphical management reports for administrators, providing key metrics against which ROI for the programme can be readily assessed
  • CRBhub will be supplied to you branded and personalised to suit your organisation’s specific requirements.

The system may be customised further and / or supplemented with additional consultation as required, if you would like to focus on an existing programme or get a new coaching culture up and running.

Intrigued? To view a demo and find out more about how CRBhub can both enable and support your coaching, contact us today on 01582 714280 or info @