We will show you how adopting best coaching practices can add value to your business and suggest improvements to your systems and processes to link the success of your coaching programmes and your business objectives.

Implementing your coaching strategy

Your first step towards an organisational coaching culture is having a clear coaching culture strategy.

Sitting underneath your strategy should be a detailed implementation plan which will ensure that each part of your coaching infrastructure is delivered to a quality, measurable standard. This will help you align your coaching strategy to your organisation’s current strategies (ie, your HR and people strategies, how you manage talent, your organisational objectives and looking at how they all work together.)

Implementation planning will provide processes and systems to support and manage coaching in your organisation, whether that is from your internal coaching resource, your external coaches or how your leaders and managers coach. It will also identify:

  • How you best manage and develop coaching
  • How it is marketed and accessed internally
  • The development need for your people to get the skills and behaviours they need
  • How it will be evaluated
  • How learning from coaching interactions can help your organisation learn

We can work with you by:

  • Identifying the current culture – and developing ways to drive the changes needed to move towards a coaching culture
  • Selecting your internal coach resource – working in a consultancy role we can provide criteria to recruit your coaches that fits both with your organisation and the culture you want to create, as well as aligning with the core competencies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We’ll also provide leadership team coaching once the team has been selected to get them all on board and engage them in the strategy for the coaching culture
  • Managing your resources – we can help you deliver an end-to-end process of how coaching is accessed in your organisation, which will include:
  • – When internal and external coaching is appropriate
    – How coaching is delivered
    – How coaching is used by managers
    – Ways that data can be collected for organisational learning
    – We can also design documentation ranging from helping you to link individual outcomes with business objectives, to evaluating coaching and coaches.
    – Developing your coaching skills
    – once we’ve established the current skills and behaviours of your people, we can provide tailored workshops for your managers to help them use a coaching approach in their roles, and ICF accredited programmes for your internal resource giving them professionalism and credibility as coaches as well as on-going supervision and CPD.


At the end of our consultancy you will have:

  • A plan for exactly how your coaching strategy is going to be delivered, together with all the support and development you need to get you there
  • Criteria for your internal and external coaching that fits with who you are as an organisation as well as a developed bank of internal coaches
  • People equipped with the skills they need to bring to life your coaching strategy
Developing your internal resource

We use the International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies, relevant psychometrics and our expertise to support you in selecting, recruiting and building your internal coaching resource. We’ll help you decide where this resource is best used, how it is marketed within your organisation, and how it may develop to support your future needs.

We can provide assistance and advice for:

  • Initial training Read more
  • Supervision and continual professional development (CPD) Read more
  • Building a coaching community to support your internal coaches and ensure they feel valued and remain motivated and engaged Read more
  • Processes for matching coaches with clients
  • Dealing with coaches who are no longer performing


At the end of our consultancy you will have the systems and processes in place to ensure:

  • You have the right people for coaching roles
  • Your coaches have the levels of skills and knowledge required to deliver an effective service
  • The right people are getting the right coaches
  • Your coaches remain engaged and motivated
  • You can deal with under performance of coaches robustly
  • You have a dynamic sustainable resource which allows for people to move on and people to move in
Developing your external resource

Managing your external coaching resource is as important as it is internally. We’ll work with you to:

  • Develop a framework for working with external coaches
  • Define when it is appropriate and the selection criteria
  • Integrate your external and internal coaching resources
  • Support any selection and assessment process for external coaches


At the end of our consultancy you will:

  • Be confident that your external coaches have the required levels of expertise to meet the demands of your organisation
  • Have the systems and processes in place to ensure your external coaches are:
  • – Providing value for money
    – Professionally credible and can deliver the service you require
    – Matched to the right clients


At each stage of working with you we’ll be focused on how you can measure the difference coaching has made to your overall business objectives. We will help you differentiate between monitoring and evaluation and thinking about the type of data you need and how you will collect it.

We can work with you in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Linking your evaluation to the strategic purpose of your coaching initiative
  • Develop our evaluation criteria at the outset, so this is set up in the contacting phase of the coaching relationship
  • Identifying and collecting quantitative information such as stories, testimonials and case studies
  • Identifying and collecting quantitative data such as key performance indicators and business metrics
  • Creating a process to collect meaningful feedback on coaches
  • Assess your return on investment


You will have a robust assessment, monitoring and evaluation process in place which will allow you to demonstrate the value added by coaching. This will be the key to maintaining continual support and investment in coaching from the business leaders in your organisation.

Providing a web based Coaching Management Information System

We partner with CRB Associates to provide an online coaching management system that allows you to take control of your own coaching programmes.

The system provides you with the necessary tools to manage the coaching relationship while providing valuable management reporting information which allows return on investment to be measured and performance issues to be identified and addressed.

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