Alastair James

Alastair has always enjoyed working with individuals to understand their motivations and aspirations, their strengths and the blockers to their success. He enjoys helping them better understand how they are seen by others and how they see themselves. He is always compassionate but also hard-headed and practical.

Alastair has many years’ experience leading change projects and functional teams. Individual and team coaching has always been a vital part of his work. The bulk of his career was 20 years with the Management Consultancy practice of Deloitte, for seven of which he led the Operations Excellence practice, which he founded with a team of 40 and grew into a team of 215, the largest services team in the consultancy business. A fundamental factor in the success of the practice was the development and coaching of the team members within it. Alastair enjoyed working with team members at all levels of seniority but particularly with the considerable number of people in his team whom he successfully coached through to Partner.

For a number of years Alastair also played a key role in Deloitte’s formal programme for coaching and assessing Senior Managers in their promotion to Director (the grade before Partner). During his time at Deloitte Alastair led many complex, high pressure, often international, programmes and coaching the teams to operate effectively was a key part of their success. Coaching clients was also an element of some projects, with the COO of one of Alastair’s clients thanking him not only for the successful delivery of the project but also for how he had helped him to develop personally as a leader.

In 2013 Alastair left Deloitte to join his client, the multinational services business G4S, working for two years as Group Director of Risk and Internal Audit and for a further eighteen months leading a global IT enabled transformation programme. These roles gave him the opportunity to develop his staff as individuals and to work effectively as a team. Since leaving G4S to found his own business he has continued to provide coaching support to key members of the G4S team.

As he develops his own business Alastair is keen to take this coaching experience to another level and provide it to a broad range of clients and to that end is currently undertaking a training programme to gain the internationally recognised International Coach Federation (ICF) credential.


Feedback from people Alastair has coached emphasises his authenticity, trustworthiness, listening skills and strong integrity as well as his insights on their own personalities and how these translate to the world of work:

  • ‘Thoroughly enjoyed your advice, counsel and leadership.’
  • ‘I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me to work with you at … and for your support and coaching during that time. I really appreciated and valued your advice and guidance.’
  • ‘I want to thank you for all of your support and guidance. Our sessions were always greatly appreciated and enjoyed!’
  • ‘I want to thank you for the support, challenge and encouragement you have offered me while I have been with Deloitte.’
  • ‘Thank you for all your support over the years. Your advice has always been very sage!’
  • ‘Your perennial directness is a trait I very much appreciated.’
  • ‘You are one of two people that have made a significant difference to my career here by trusting me and giving me the right encouragement to develop.’
  • ‘The development needs highlighted were challenging at the time, but you put me on the right path to Partner. For that I will always be grateful.’
  • ‘You helped shape a lot of our careers, with your inimitable style. Thank you.’
  • ‘You were very direct and very encouraging and had a great influence on how I altered my style, way of working/thinking in a new country, in a new job.’
  • ‘I owe you thanks for the support that you’ve offered. I’ve appreciated it as I’ve tried to work out what being a Partner here is all about, and your willingness to call it as you see it and ask the hard questions constructively sets us all an example that I think will be a part of your legacy.’
  • ‘I have thoroughly enjoyed every interaction we have had over the last 13 years and will miss you and your sane/calm advice.’
  • ‘Your honesty, decency and belief that we should do the right thing in all circumstances however uncomfortable has always impressed me.’