What our clients say about us…

‘Following some very positive referrals from Senior Managers and Directors in my organisation, I approached Elizabeth to provide me with some coaching around managing change in an uncertain, unstable environment and thinking about my next professional step. Elizabeth’s approach was structured, well-planned and used time efficiently. She delivered positive and development messages well, with the appropriate level of emotion to ensure the messages were well received and accepted. She also used a number of analytical tools that helped cement the learnings and observations. These tools have helped me in my personal development and in achieving a secondment to further my career.’
– S M Finance Business Partner, Non-Departmental Government Body

‘The coaching experience has allowed me to push boundaries and move out of my comfort zone, it has empowered me to try out new skills and learning that I may not have otherwise had the confidence to try. Over the year, I have learned how you can set yourself goals, small or large and identify the steps to achieving those goals. Through the coaching sessions, a really powerful question was asked ‘when you are 60, how will you reflect back on your achievements’ – this is a really thought-provoking question which makes you think about professional and personal goals as well as your person motivations and drivers. The coaching sessions have propelled my personal development and I look forward to learning the techniques myself through attending a two day coaching course which is run in-house. I would definitely recommend coaching as a tool to personal development.’
– Manisha, public sector manager

‘I benefited particularly from the confidential, neutral and reflective space which enabled unrestricted exploration of some real fundamentals… Looking back, it’s quite some achievement that over the course of just four sessions I developed a real sense of clarity and purpose in terms of what I need to focus on in the immediate future, and also an increased confidence and optimism in considering my options beyond the Civil Service.’
SCS member of the Career Transition service

‘I learnt that the use of metaphor can really change the dynamics of a coaching situation. It is a great way to create greater awareness and overcome resistance with clients. I will be weaving this into my coaching sessions now on.’
– Internal Coach, Department of Health

‘I realised after doing the course that I knew a lot less about coaching than I thought I did and learnt so much in terms of practical skills which I can use! Really found coaching I had from others in the course useful and moved on with an issue I have been grappling with for over a year.’
NHS Manager

‘Receiving coaching from you has helped me to become much more confident, and more sure of being myself (just a bit better!). I’ve appreciated being challenged most of all, and although sometimes this has made me feel uncomfortable, I was always aware that it was in my best interests, and I was always pleased with what I was able to come up with as a result. I have found you incredibly supportive, and have found you to be genuinely interested in my particular challenges. The coaching has been particularly helpful for me in terms of looking at strengths, as well as areas for improvement, because I have a natural tendency to focus on the things that need fixing! If I’m honest, I was a little bit sceptical, and thought coaching might not be of much help to me, but now I feel very strongly that it has helped me develop far more this year than I could have thought possible, and made me hopeful that I can spread the benefits wider.’
– Melissa, Public sector manager

‘The coaching really made me challenge myself and the way I do things and think about the barriers I put in the way of achieving something. It also helped me to challenge those around me and be more assertive where necessary but also to consider the needs of others, beyond the usual support I would provide. The coaching has made me think through how I work with others, particularly in relation to delegating and line management. The work that we did made me address gaps in my own knowledge and seek out opportunities that I hadn’t previously taken. Although never one to rest on my laurels the coaching definitely motivated me and now when I’m stuck with something I challenge myself to solve it and find a solution.’
– Fiona, Public sector manager

‘The coaching training that I have undertaken has been invaluable in handling many more situations than those confined to a formal ‘coaching’ environment. I now find myself regularly relying on the coaching skills that I have gained to manage difficult 1:1 conversations at work, in team meetings and even some aspects of my home life! I thoroughly recommend coaching skills as a way to bolster your management skills and to get the most out of the conversations that you have in all aspects of life.’
– Senior Manager, Legal Services Commission