Coaching supervision is a pivotal role for the internal coach. In addition to assuring quality of service being offered and providing continual support and development for coaches, it also provides a mechanism for feedback to the organisation from the many coaching conversations taking place in the business.

Our approach to coaching supervision provides coaches with the opportunity to reflect on their coaching practices by sharing and evaluating their experiences with another more experienced coach. We also work with your business to feed back organisational learning in a way that honours the confidentiality of the client-coach relationship and the coach supervisor.

Coaching supervision can provide you with a valuable mechanism to ensure:

  • Opportunities for organisational learning from coaching conversations are captured
  • Continued learning and professional development of coaches
  • The ‘quality’ of coaching provided and management of ethical boundaries
  • Individual coaches are supported, encouraged and championed

All our coach supervisors are professionally accredited and have their own coaching practices.

Learning objectives

The main aims of coaching supervision are to help you to:

  • Reflect, explore and learn from coaching relationships
  • Develop ways of improving your coaching and coaching interventions
  • Ensure that the defined ethical standards for coaching and, for those working in organisations, aligns with the organisation’s objectives, policies and standards of conduct
  • Have continued professional development and build coaching capability
  • Better understand your clients and their organisational context
  • Improve emotional stamina to help you deal with crises in confidence and being emotionally affected by your clients

Our group supervision programme is targeted at internal coaches working in organisations. We also offer one-to-one supervision for professional coaches and internal coaches who are preparing for accreditation.


Supervision sessions include:

  • Individual or group supervision to meet your needs. Our most popular option is our quarterly 2.5 hour group supervision session for groups of 6 to 8 coaches (described below)
  • A programme of supervision to provide internal coaches with 10 hours coach mentoring, as required for ICF AAC accreditation

The supervision programme

Our group coaching supervision programme focuses on the on-going development of the coaching capability and effectiveness of internal coaches within the organisation.

There are two aims:

  • Adding value to the organisation by ensuring:
  • – Coaching is focused on work objectives
    – Coaching is within the boundaries of the coach’s capability
    – The client is protected through the delivery of a high quality of the service
    – The organisational risks of grievances or tribunals due to unethical or unprofessional coaching practices are minimised
    – We build a sense of a coaching community and connectedness to other internal coaches

  • Adding value to the coach by ensuring:
  • – They have an opportunity to share experience and have support from colleagues and the supervisor
    – They can ‘benchmark’ their own practice and develop confidence by hearing other coaches share their learning experience
    – They are better able to recognise boundaries and deal with the ethical dilemmas that internal coaches face by virtue of working and coaching in the same organisation

Learning objectives

Specifically, the coaching supervision will ensure that coaches:

  • Deepen the knowledge and skills acquired in coach training and receive constructive feedback on their coaching style
  • Clarify and anchor their practice in the coaching code of ethics and uphold organisational coaching standards
  • Better understand the coach client interaction and become more aware of their own reactions and responses to the client
  • Have support to enable them to deal with the intensity of working with clients without becoming enmeshed in emotions
  • Have a mechanism for feeding back learning for the organisation

This programme is aimed at an internal coaching cohort needing supervision, and gives the opportunity for continual professional development.


Our three-hour group coaching supervision sessions allow coaches to discuss and benefit from feedback on themes and issues that arise from their current coaching sessions, by reflecting on their own cases. In addition there is the opportunity for skills development and deeper learning.

Each session includes an opportunity to check in, share recent experiences and feelings, and establish the session focus and desired outcome. We will agree who wants to ‘present a client’ with other members asking questions or sharing their perspective, using this as a facilitated supervisory discussion to enable learning. In addition there will be some opportunity for observed coaching and feedback. Each session will end by establishing learning and commitment to future action.

Programme outline

Each supervision session will have a theme that focuses on core coaching competencies:

Session 1: Setting the foundation – ethical guidelines

This will include agreeing our ‘group contract’, boundaries for confidentiality and how organisational learning will be fed back.

Session 2: The client relationship

How we establish coaching presence and develop trust and an effective working relationship. How we remain empathic without becoming entangled in the client’s situation and emotions.

Session 3: Communicating effectively

How we use our communication style to greatest effect. Working with clients with different communication styles from us.

Session 4: Facilitating learning and results

How do we manage accountability for ourselves and our clients? What has been our learning and what will be our next steps? Agreeing the feedback to the organisation on issues and cultural themes identified during the supervision process.

For a no-obligation discussion about running this workshop for your organisation please just give us a call on 01582 714280.